Biography of Meghnad Saha

Meghnad Saha

Born: 6 October 1893, Shauratoli, Dhaka (now Bangladesh)

Job/Position: Astronomer (Astrophysicist)

Meghnad Saha was a brilliant Indian physicist and astronomer who is best known for his pioneering work on the thermal ionization of gases. He was born on October 6, 1893, in Shaoratoli, a small village in the district of Dhaka in present-day Bangladesh. Saha’s father Jagannath Saha was a poor grocer, and his mother, Bhubaneshwari Devi, was a housewife.

Early Life and Education

Despite his family’s limited financial means, Saha received a good education. He studied at Dhaka Collegiate School, where he excelled in mathematics and science. After completing his school education, he moved to Calcutta (now Kolkata) to pursue higher education. In 1911, he enrolled at Presidency College, where he studied under the eminent physicist and mathematician Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Saha graduated from Presidency College with a degree in mathematics in 1913. He then joined the University of Calcutta, where he studied physics and earned a master’s degree in 1915. Saha’s academic performance was outstanding, and he was awarded a gold medal for his outstanding academic achievements.

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