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Hitachi Vantara Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Hitachi Vantara Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply
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Hitachi Vantara Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Company: Hitachi Ventara

Eligibility: Any degree / diploma

Experience: 1+ years

Location: Pune

Role of Job: Engineer Devs

Hitachi Vantara Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Job Summary:

Company Profile:

The Hitachi Vantara enhances your innovation advantage by merge the operational and informative experience to offer data partners with unprecedented range and depth in data management. We are rolled in analytics, industrial expertise, technology and results in a great solution provider. We hear We understand. We work with you.

Job Description:

1. Design and develop secure architecture for cloud and cloud / hybrid based systems.

2. Get a good understanding of offerings within both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms.

3. Based on business requirements, implement and design cloud-native architecture and designs that allow those requirements to meet with REN's minimal risk and with proper security controls.

4. Apply procedures to automate deployment and scaling

5. The managed service team represents the development, implementation and support of the cloud system.

6. MGS serves as ambassador and senior technical representative for DevOps while designing and engaging with other senior technical leaders throughout the REAN in the implementation of cloud and hybrid-based implementation and solution.

7. Works with engineering, platform and MGS organizations to choose suitable technology solutions and facilitate full integration in REEN environments.

8. Ability to estimate and prioritize work

9. Lead a team of 2-4 members and ensure smooth delivery of solutions.

Candidate profile:

Eligibility: college degree or high school diploma / equivalent relevant docs work experience (3+ years).

Experience: 1+ year experience with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Required Skills:

1. Understanding Scalability, System Engineering and Algorithms

2. Experience the Amazon Architecture Solutions within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and preferably, other cloud providers.

3. Prioritized experience with deployment orchestration, automation, and security configuration management (Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, etc.).

4. Knowledge about service-oriented architecture for cloud-based services.

5. Experience the technical approach to diverse audiences and timely and prudent technical risk decision making.

6. Working as a part of a cross-functional team to implement experience and solutions with enterprise architecture.

7. Technical Writing Experience

8. Restful API and full understanding of services

9. Expertise to work with Agile / SCRUM environment to deliver high quality solutions.

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