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Awapal Solutions Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Awapal Solutions Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply
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Awapal Solutions Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Company: Awapal Solutions


Eligibility: B.Tech/BE/BCA/BSc/MCA/MSc

Experience: 1+ years

Location: Noida

Role of Job: Block Chain Programmer

Awapal Solutions Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Job Summary:

Company Profile:

Awapal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - An award-winning and global IT system integrator with a proven track record in delivering one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes around the world - with enthusiasm to help businesses to sit on top of competitions in 2012 was launched. With deep understanding of the market and extraordinary experience, our dedicated squad of skilled and eager individuals collaborate to ensure that every project that we run in an estimated, smoothly and strategically.

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the design and coding of database tables.

2. Partners with application developers to develop well-optimized questions.

3. Work with the Data Center team for any infrastructure issues or requirements.

4. Make proper use of high speed transaction recovery system.

5. Maintain the final quality database system.

6. Design and implement schema according to requirements.

7. Provide responsive / active data management support.

8. Make regular checks to ensure data integrity and security.

9. Manage the parameters and reduce the database downtime.

Candidate profile:

Eligibility: B.Tech/BE/BCA/BSc/MCA/MSc/M.Tech(CS/IT).Diploma

Experience: 1+ years

Required Skills:

1. Strong experience with Javascript, GoLang, and Ruby.

2. Focus on developing DAP on iturium with Web 3, Truffle, Soliditiy.

3. Professional work experience on blockchain technology.

4. Be able to develop traditional distributed systems.

5. Safe coding practices as well as familiarity with the principles.

6. Proficient in working with cryptographic protocols.

7. Work comfortably on Ruby or Rail.

8. Excellent work experience with encryption / decryption and private / public key,

9. Ethereal network should be able to work with smart contract.

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