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TSPSC Gurukulam Selection List Results Music Teacher Web Options 2018

TSPSC Gurukulam Music Teachers Selection list Results Web Options 2018

TSPSC Gurukulam Selection List Results Music Teacher, Web Options 2018 Certification Details 2018 :: TSPSC Gurukulam Music Masters Final Selection 2017 Selection List Results: Entries Hall, Exam Date 2017 / TSPSC Gurukulams Music Recruitment Teacher 2017 / TSPSC Music Teacher Recruitment 2017 Application form online, Last start date, the date the examination of music teacher, card room, results, certificate review, eligibility criteria, examination pattern, curriculum, registration fee and other details on the TSPSC website. TSPSC Cast Music Teachers 2017 has published (release No.19 / 2017) on 13/04/2017 positions Gurukulam Music Teacher / Gurukulam Teacher under various societies residential education institutions (TSWREIS, TREIS fill, MJPTBCWREIS, TTWREIS, TMREIS) in the state of Telangana. Online applications are invited by qualified and interested candidates for the recruitment of Gurukulams Music Teachers in Telangana REIS from 04-20-2017 to 04-09-2017 via the online mode on the website of TSPSC.

TSPSC Gurukulam Music Teachers Selection list Results Web Options 2018

 Employment Name: TSPSC Music Teachers Recruitment 2017

Recruitment Department: TSPSC

Notification: 19/2017

Notification published on: 13.04.2017

Number of publications: 197 music teachers

filled vacancies: filling music teacher in TSWREIS, TREIS, MJPTBCWREIS, TTWREIS, TMREIS institutions

Art Teacher of TSPSC Gurukulam, master craftsman, teacher of music web options 2018:

Applicants who have taken exams 2018.07.02 to 2018.02.09 for the contributions of Arts, Crafts and Music Teachers are required to train the Web Option for the various companies and Zonal preference of these publications from 02/05/2018 to 05 / 04/2018, failing that your candidacy will not be considered for the selection.

Note: Candidates who are satisfied with the previous web options may no longer be eligible. Visit the Commission website (www.tpsc.gov.in).

Art teacher from TSPSC Gurukulam, Masters of Crafts, music teacher web options 2018

TSPSC Music Teacher Selection List Results, 2018 Certificate Verification Data:

Preliminary list of eligible candidates collected for audit certificate for the contributions of arts, crafts and music teachers in various educational institutions Living Societies vide Communication Nos. 17/2017, 18/2017 and 19/2017 (General Procurement)


It is hereby expressly stated that on the basis of a written exam on 08/31/2017 and 01/09/2017 for publications ART instructor (8/31/2017 FN), CRAFT TEACHER (8/31/2017 aN) and music teacher (01/17/2017 FN) in several Company housing facilities, preliminary candidates 963 are selected with the following numbers Hall entries in the ratio of 1: 2 for certificate verification compared to a total of 612 vacancies. Review of certificates in Sankethika Vidya Bhavan, Masab Tank, Hyderabad will be from 09.30 instead of 2018.02.07 2018.09.02. The schedule of time intervals will be reported later. Candidates who are asked to verify the certificate must present the following certificates in original, along with a set of Photostat copies duly certified by Officer Gazzetted at the time of the certificate review

They will NOT be admitted in the subsequent competition.

There is no application for the subsequent delivery of one of the required certificates. Regarding the notification, the candidate must have the necessary qualifications at the time of the notification. The Commission reserves the right to disqualify applicants if at any time for any reason they are not eligible. The authorization to check the certificates does not entitle ipso facto to the final selection.

1). Checklist (1 sentence)

2) Entrance to the lounge
3) Date of birth Certificate (Memo SSC)

4) Declaration by non-employees to request exemption from fees for applicants who:

are in the age group of 18-44 years (OC One Employees)

5) Preliminary Certificate / Call and Trademark Note

6) School certificate from 4th to 10th grade or certificate of residence / birth (if the applicants did not study at school but studied privately or at an open school)

7) Integrated Community Certificate issued by T.S. Government only with the name of the father / mother.

8) Non creamy coat certificate for BC candidates of the community with the name of the father

in accordance with Memorandum No. 3009 / BCW / OP / 2011, Govt., of Telangana, BC Welfare (OP)

Department, Germany: 18.12.2015. (Prescribed format hosted on the site)

9) Certificate of disability (SADAREM certificate) in case of PH candidates. PH candidates must undergo a medical examination at the respective MedicalBoard.

10) Certification of the territory of the Agency (for ST candidates only), if applicable

11) NOC of the employer for candidates on duty

12) Certificate of service issued by the Government of the State of Telangana for candidates working under the T.S. Gob. And claimed relaxation of old age

13) Ex-military test if available

14) 2 Certification Forms duly signed by Gazzetted Officer.

TSPSC music teacher selection list results, 2018 certificate verification data

Key to Recruiting Music Teachers from TSPSC Gurukulam:


On 07-09-2017 the TSPSC completed the main examination of the Physics Director (School) and on 31.08.2017 and 01-09-2017 the written exam for the position of Professor of Arts, Crafts and Music. The final keys of these notifications will be available on the Commission's website www.tspsc.gov.in on 17/10/2017. No further objections are raised about the final keys.

TSPSC Gurukulam Music Teacher Recruitment Final Key

TSPSC Gurukulam Music Teacher Recruitment Preliminary Key:


On 07.09.2017 the TSPSC passed the main exam for the Physical Director (School) and on 31.8.2017 and 01.09.2017 the written exam for the positions Art Teacher, Master of Crafts and Master of Music. The preliminary keys for these tests will be available on the TSPSC website from 13.09.2017. Objections to the provisional keys will be accepted online from 09/14/2017 to 18/09/2017 on the TSPSC website. Candidates are requested to write down the above data and submit their objections via the link provided. Appeals received after 18.09.2017 will not be considered at all costs. Candidates are instructed to submit their objections in English only and in the order of the questions that appear on the TSPSC screen. For more information, please visit www.tpsc.gov.in

TSPSC Gurukulam Music Teacher Preliminary Key Recruitment

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