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TS Polycet 2018 Web Counselling Certificates Verification Schedule

TS Polycet 2018 Web Counselling Certificates Verification Schedule 

Web options TS Polycet 2018 calendar audit certificates / calendar policetico advice first phase / TS Polycet Advisory Program Admissions certificate verification TS Polycet, options TS Polycet Web, occupancy TS Polycet seats, start date of receipt of web options: Government of Telangana Education, the regulatory advice POLYCET 2018 on May 10 to enact. Verification of Certificates and Web Options Programming will be announced on May 10th. The Polycet 2018 calendar for admission to multiple Polytechnic courses in Telangana will be announced on May 10. The timetable, the review of the certificates of candidates who qualified for the exam, would take place between 29 May and 6 June. The weboption service was open from May 29th to June 8th, where candidates could change options until June 4th. The distribution of seats would take place on 10 June and the candidates would have to appear before the respective universities for june 14. The classes would start on June 9th. The candidates should be able to give test certificates and review of completed candidates can visit the web options in tspolycet.in/ or https://polycetts.nic.in

TS POLYCET key data entry exam 2018

1. Start of online application: 14.03.2018 (Wednesday).

2. Deadline for submission of the online application form: 11-04-2018 (Wednesday) at 17:00 M.

3. Date and time of the entrance examination: 04-21-2018 (Saturday). 11.00 clock at 13.00 clock

4. Preliminary date of the declaration of results: 28.04.2018 (Saturday).

 TS POLYCET 2018  

Verification of the decentralized certificate TS POLYCET 2018:

TS POLYCET admission notice issued for the Certificate Verification  and exercise of option basis Advisory Web: Candidates qualify TSPOLYCET 2018, which is an admission to the Diploma course in Polytechnics state of Telangana that informs the start certificate validation from May 14 and the web access option will start on May 15. Qualified candidates TSPOLYCET-2018 are informed for the exam certificates in one of the centers designated Helpline (HLC) admission to the technical colleges on schedule. The details of the distributed areas distributed in the middle helpline for certificate validation and all other important information will be placed on the site: https://tspolycet.nic.in or https: // polycetts. nic.in on 05-05-2018 and the candidates are informed to visit this website before they go to the certificate exam. Candidates are advised to collect the details of the procedure followed by the centers helpline tag certificate verification and other relevant information will be placed without error and the same on the site: https://tspolycet.nic.in or

Options TS Polycet 2018 Web, review certificates: Candidates qualified to apply TSPOLYCET-2018, who are applying for a diploma in Polytechnics state of Telangana, are informed that the payment of the processing fee, test certificate and exercise of the option will be started according to the timetable below. For more information on the procedure to follow and other relevant information, see the instructions for the candidate published on https://tspolycet.nic.in

Who can apply:

Case I

Applicants who have approved SSC or an equivalent certificate.

CBSE / ICSE - 2018 Candidates awaiting results on the condition that the candidates have passed the examination in the declaration of results.

Case II

Candidates enrolling for the SSC Advanced Supplemental Exam in June 2018 / NIOS / TOSS / APOSS are subject to the condition that the candidate has passed the Advanced Supplemental Examination of the SSC in the Outcome Statement.

Certificates created by all candidates:

All original certificates and 2 copies of Xerox copies such as TSPOLYCET Rank Card, Hall Ticket, SSC or Marks Equivalent Grade, Study Certificate IV to X, Residence Certificate (if the candidate has no institutionalized education), Certificate of domicile for a parent in Telangana for 10 years for non-local candidates, income certificate issued after 01.01.2018, Aadhar card, pedigree certificate issued by the competent authority and PH / CAP / NCC / sports certificate / minority, if applicable.

Certificates produced by PH / CAP / NCC / Sports / Minority / Anglo-Indian Candidates:

PH certificate issued by the District Medical Board --- candidates with at least 40% disability are eligible only. CAP certificate issued by Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer, ID card and discharge book (in the case of ex-service men) and service certificate (in the case of service men) issued by the competent authority for review. Applicants whose parents are resident in Telangana at the permanent address / local city declared by them upon admission to the service and recorded in their service record can be included in the category "CAP". NCC & Sports- For the preparation of original certificates issued by the competent authorities. Minorities: SSC TC, which contains the minority status or the headmaster's certificate. Anglo-Indian: a certificate from Tahsildar, the competent authority of your place of residence.

  List of documents for TS polycet 2018 verification certificates

Web Options, Certificate Verification Date:

1. Online presentation of the basic information and payment of the processing fee: from 05.05.2018 to 18.05.2018

2. Verification of the certificate: from 15.05.2018 to 19.05.2018

3. Exercise of the options after verification of the certificate: from 15.05.2018 to 21.05.2018

4. Freeze options 21-05-2018

5. Preliminary Provisional Allocation of seats for candidates of CASE I 23-05-2018

6. Payment of the application fee and approval of CASE I applicants to proceed to an improvement of the provisional allocation with options already exercised 23-05-2018. Until 27.05.2018

7. Improved temporary seat allocation for CASE candidates I. Preliminary provisional allocation to CASE II applicants for the remaining vacancies following a round of improvements Temporary seat allocation for applicants to CASE I: 30.05.2018

8. Payment of Tuition Fees and Reports to the Assigned University: 05-30-2018 to 06-01-2018

9. Beginning of the class work 01-06-2018

Candidates / parents are advised to exercise as many options as possible to avoid disappointment by not getting a seat. The options exercised are taken into account for the provisional seat allocation. If the candidate grants approval for a better seat allocation along with payment of the registration fee by the candidate, the same jury options will be considered. In exercising the options, caution should therefore be exercised when selecting the university and branch according to the choice of candidates.


1. The candidate must be an Indian citizen.

2. The candidate must belong to the state of Telangana / Andhra Pradesh as described in G.O. (P) .No. 646, Department of Education (w), 07-10-1979 and its subsequent amendments.

3. Candidates should be admitted to the S.S.C. Examined by the State Board of Secondary Education, Telangana / Andhra Pradesh, or any other peer-reviewed examination of Secondary Education, TS / AP as Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE), National Institute of Open School (NIOS), Telangana Open School Society (TOSS), AP Open School Society (aposs), Examining Class X of various State Boards of Secondary Education in India with math as one of the subjects and in less than 35% of the subjects Scores received in the qualification exam.

4. Applicants to NIOS / TOSS / Amögl / CBSE / ICSE / SSC Other tests recognized as equivalent to the land Telangana should have passed all subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, with a minimum of 35% marks each thing.

5. There is no age limit for admission to Polytechnics diplomas. However, the maximum allowed for a scholarship age of 20 OC and 24 candidates for the other candidates on the day 2018.07.01 in accordance with the prescribed guidelines in memorandum No. 10537 / SW (Edn.2) / 2011 Date: 20.10.2012 and additional Policies issued from time to time by the Department of Social Welfare (EDN) apply ..

6. The mere fact of appearing in TSPOLYCET-2018 and an area does not automatically entitle a candidate for admission to be considered if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.


1. Visit the website https://tspolycet.nic.in and click on the link "Payment of processing fee"

2. Register by entering

3. ICR number given in TSPOLYCET-2018 Hall ticket.

4. Date of birth as mentioned in SSC notepad.

5. Hall SSC ticket number.

6. The Basic Information Form will be displayed and enter the details for Aadhar, Non-Mobile and Email Address. Also fill in the details of the Certificate  of caste and the application number of the proof of income issued by MeeSeva, if applicable. The change of mobile phone number is not allowed.

7. Update the information and pay the Rs handling fee. 300 / - (for SC / ST) and Rs. 600 / - (for others) by online payment (credit card / debit card / net bank) before attending the  Certificate Verification. Without payment of the processing fee, the candidate can not participate in the verification of the Certificate  .

8. Download the list of universities / branches / districts of the website https://tspolycet.nic.in

9. Print out the manual option registration form on the website.

10. Contact parents / friends and prepare the manual option enrollment form according to your preferences and write the institution code, branch code, and district code. This is for your convenience and to avoid mistakes and save time when entering web options.


1. The tuition fee for the Government / Fachhochschulen is Rs. 3800 / - per year.

2. The tuition fee for the private sector without help / self-financing in Aided Polytechnics is Rs. 15500 / - per year.

3. The reimbursement of the fee for eligible applicants will be subject to the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.

Fee payable: (at the time of the Certificate Verification):

Fee payable: (at the time of the  Certificate Verification):

1. Processing fee: Rs. 600 / - (OC / BC), Rs. 300 / - (SC / ST).

2. The registration fee to be paid after commission varies between Rs. 3800 / - to Rs. 15500 / - per year depending on the type of university.

3. Seats available in the Coordinator's College The "University / Sage's Way" course will be available on the website https://tspolycet.nic.in well before the option registration process begins.

4. All candidates must pay Rs 600 / - as prescribed in relation to the TS-SBTET recognition fee / other fee.

5. The reimbursement of Eligible Applicants' Fees is subject to government policies issued from time to time.


Candidates have places where there is more than one help, that is, Hyderabad and Warangal are distributed to the Helpline Center, it is reported. Consult Annex-I for the range of coverage of the helpline center and assist in checking the certificate accordingly.

 Applicants residing in the Quli Qutb-Shahi Urban Development a residence certificate and a ration card take a seat in Q.Q. must submit Gob. Polytechnic, Hyderabad and have to pass the certificate review in Q.Q. Gob. Polytechnic, Chandulal Baradari, opposite the zoo, Old City Hyderabad according to the above scheme, see Annex II.

 PH (Physical Disability), CAP (Children of Armed Personnel), Anglo-Indians, Sports and Games, NCC (National Cadet Corps) must only visit Certificate Review Sankethika Vidya Bhavan, Masab Container, Hyderabad, according to data provided in the Centralized Certificate Review Schedule are.

 Immediately after verification of the certificate, the login ID will be sent to candidates registered with the mobile number. All messages / OTP / details of the assignment, etc., will be sent to registered mobile phone number, so we recommend keeping your mobile device with you until the end of the recording process.

Admission advice for Polycet:

Qualified Polycet candidates must submit their personal details and pay the required processing fee in online mode.

General categories: Rs. 600 / -

SC, ST Categories: Rs. 300 / -

1. Verification of certificates: from 15.05.2018 to 19.05.2019

2. Web options until: 21.05.2018

3. Seat allocations: 23.05.2018

4. Sart classes since June 1, 2018

seat allocation

1) The orders will be published on 23.05.2018 on the website https://polycetap.nic.in.

2) At the beginning of the candidate's session, enter the ICR form number, room ticket number, password and date of birth.

3) Download the order.

TS Polycet 2018 Web Options, Certificate  

TS Polycet 2018 1. Web Options, Certificate

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