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The best of waste GHMC makes plastic shed

The best of waste GHMC makes plastic shed

A public shed at KPHB park, currently under construction, has been built out of the waste gene rated by the city. It took 800 kg of plastic waste to build the roof, 450 kg of tetra packs for the walls. around 60 kg covers for the false ceiling and 900 kg of polythene bags conv erted into 522 tiles. This room with 720 bamboo poles has been constructe d on 5.000 square feet In Kukatpally by the GHMC for public utility at a cost of 8 lakh. Nearly 10 lakh wasted polythene covers were used In construct ion. say the makers. The GHMC has taken up construction of a 2-acre park located adjacent to the metro station, envisa ged to encourage outd oor and indoor sports. The room macic of plastic and bamboo Is being built on the ground currently used for parking. The roof. walls and four wash- rooms have been complete d, while the flooring is pending. Once completed, this will be converted into a shed with a recept ion.

Several companies buy plastic from GHMC (posts egregation of wet and dry waste by GHMC staffers) to recycle. This plastic is again bought by companies. Mr Prashant Lingam. founder of Bamboo House India, was given the job of construct ion. He explained, “Over 1,440 artisans worked on the project for two months. It was difficult to collect the recycled plast ic as vendors were not under one umbrella. Material for roof sheets.

walls and titles had to be collected from numerous vendors and each of them charged differently Much time was consumed in collecting and making the sheets and titles, while installation was done in no time. The flooring is pending, The shed spread across 5000 square feet. is likely to be used as the KPHB Park office with four washrooms. Experts say the plastic used for the room can turn the air toxic, and it

will be unhealthy to stay under the roof. There are four wash rooms and two changing rooms, which Is likely to witness public rush. Biodiversity expert Prof. C. Srinivasulu, It could be a toxic trap if the roof Is not covered with a protective layer. Since the material used are polythcnc covers, the plastic will react with sunlight and IWOdUCC vola tile fumes toxic In natu re. It Is unhealthy unless the roof is covered.” 

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