Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Kanaka Durga Temple: కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం

Kanaka Durga -Kanaka Durga Temple  Goddess Durga located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, india. The temple is positioned on the Indrakeeladri hill, at the banks of Krishna River. Kaalika puraana, Durgaa sapthashati and distinct vedic literature have noted about Goddess Kanaka Durga on the Indrakeelaadri and function defined the deity as Swayambhu, (self-manifested) in Triteeya kalpa.

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Facts Of Kanaka Durga Temple:

The temple of Kanaka Durga the Goddess of energy, riches and benevolence and the presiding deity of Vijayawada, is swarmed with the aid of manner of lakhs of pilgrims for worship throughout the "Navarathri" pageant which is widely known with spiritual fervour, pomp and happy party. The small but historic temple of Kanaka Durga , a top the Indrakeeladri hill on the banks of the Sacred river Krishna in Vijayawada abounds with legends of historic interest.

Here Durga is one the right element of Malleswara as in competition to the manner of existence of Goddesses taking their characteristic at the left of their consorts. This indicates that Shakthi is most important at the Indrakeeladri.

Legend has it that the demons obtained exceptional powers through appeasing the Gods and started harassing the sages on the earth. Goddess Parvathi assumed severa paperwork to kill these demons. It come to be kausiki to kill Sumbhu and Nisambhu, Mahisasura Mardini to kill Mahishasura and Durga to kill Durgamasura. "Kanaka Durga because she have become aglow with golden colorations, and prayed Her to live on the planet and bless them. Kanaka Durga asked Keeludu an ardent devotee to take the form of hill to allow Her stay on him. For this reason Keeladri have come to be the domicile of Durga. She took the form of Mahisasura Mardini with eight hands maintaining exceptional guns, the use of on a lion and trampling Mahishasura on the hill of Indrakeeladri. Her consort Shiva took his vicinity on an adjacent hillrock as Jyothirlinga. He was worshipped thru Lord Brahma with jasmines (Mallelu) whereby he have been given the name of Malleswara Swamy.

Right here it have become consistent with another legend, that Arjuna completed penance and fought with Lord Shiva, who had regarded inside the guise of Kiratha to win pasupathastra, the handiest weapon. So this area is also known as phalguna theertha.

How To Reach  కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం Vijayawada:

Placed in the coronary heart of Vijayawada town, AP the temple is only a ten mins pressure from the railway station & Bus stand and about 20 kilometers from airport. Temple buses are to be had at bus stand and railway station for each 20 mins.Vijayawada is positioned 275 kilometers from Hyderabad. It's far properly connected via avenue, rail and air from all additives of the

Kanaka Durga Temple Timing:

Travelling Hours
  • The temple is opened to Devotees from 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM on all the days except on Thursdays 
  • wherein inside the temple is closed from 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM.
  • Sarvadarsanam (free)
  • Visista Dharsan (or) Mukha Mandapa Dharsan (Rs.5/-)
  • Anthralaya Dharsan (Rs.25/-)
  • spoil Darshan (Rs.50/-)

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

 Visitor points of interest in Vijayawada:

Prakasham Barrage:

The authentic dam all through the Krishna emerge as constructed over a one hundred fifty years in the beyond. The dam production become started out in 1852 and completed in 1855. And the existing shape dates to the Nineteen Fifties. It's far 1,223.5 m (4,014 ft) prolonged. Severa canals thru the town of Vijayawada terminate in a lake in the lower back of the barrage.

Krishnaveni mandapam:

It is also known as the river museum and placed on the facet of Prakasam Barrage. It changed into constructed via manner of the Krishna business and Agricultural Exhibition society which consists of geographical route map of River Krishna, global forex, Krishnamma Idol and so on.

Undavalli caves:

Positioned in distinct side of the Krishna River, 5 kilometers from Vijayawada, these caves are said to had been carved inside the seventh century A.D. Buddhist clergymen used this two - storey cave shape as a relaxation residence at some point of the monsoon. A massive monolith of the Lord Buddha in reclining posture is a amazing sight.
Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India

Rajiv Gandhi Park:

Created through manner of the Vijayawada Municipal company with remarkable care, this park welcomes the tourists at the doorway of the metropolis with its mind-blowing horticultural network. 

Gandhi Hill:

The primary Gandhi memorial with seven stupas in the country changed into constructed in this hill at a pinnacle of 500 feet (a hundred and fifty m). The fifty  feet (sixteen m) stupa changed into unveiled on 6 October 1968 by means of manner of Dr. Zakir Hussain, the President of India. Gandhi Memorial Library, a legitimate and light show on Mahatma Gandhi's existence and a planetarium are the alternative points of hobby.

Kanaka Durga Temple (కనక దుర్గ ఆలయం) Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh India Click Here

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