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Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana
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Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad  In Telangana

Gnana Saraswati Temple is a Hindu temple of Goddess Saraswati placed at the banks of Godavari River at Basara, Telangana kingdom of India. It's miles far one of the  well-known Saraswati temples in India, the opposite being in Jammu & Kashmir. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of information and studying. 

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Basar is a census town inside the Nirmal district in the united states of america of Telangana. It's a long way about 30 km (19 mi) from Bhainsa,15.5 km (10 mi) from Dharmabad, 34.8 km (22 mi) from Nizamabad, 70 km (403 mi) from district headquarters Nirmal, and 205 km (127 mi) from Hyderabad.

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Basara Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple facts:

  • Sri Veda Vyasa after the epic struggle of ‘Maha Bharatha’ traveled to south from North. He reached Dhandakaranya location and completed penace to pride Goddess Saraswathi on the banks of holy river Godavari.
  • Every day he used to rouse with the aid of Brahma Muhurtha (early morning) and is going to holy Godavari  for sacred bath and returns to his meditation place and engaged in his  meditation until the solar set. There may be a cave in this vicinity in which Veda Vyasa  sit down down for penance it as entitled as ‘KUMARACHALA’ due to the  meditation finished by way of using kumaraswamiji'.
  • ‘Paramashanthi Pradayini’  ‘ Adrushyaroopini’  due to Veda Vyasa’s meditation  this region referred to as as Tapobhoomi. Proper proper right here Sri Veda Vyasa Rushi were given darshan and benefits of Goddess Saraswathi.        
  • In the passage of meditation length he had been given a dream, in that she ordered Veda Vyasa  that every day in advance than  meditation he has to maintain a feasful  of sand from Godavari after sacred bath to this cave and maintain it as 3 hundreds. After some time from three masses 3 deities seemed due to penance and meditation strength of Saga Veda Vyasa as follows.
1. Maha  Saraswath,i  2. Maha Laxmi,  3. Maha Kali
  • For those three deities Veda Vyasa made Prana Prasthista. As he stayed right right here for a long term this location modified into named ‘VASARA’ in due route of time it have end up ‘ Baasar’.
  • The temple changed into built through Saga Veda Vyasa. Throughout the period from 11th century to 18th century the temple and idols of goddess are tried to interrupt through Moghal Nawabs named Hanid Shahi, Kuthub Shahi, Barid Shahi. At that factor one greater youthful guy named Sri Makkaji Patel who belongs to Veera Shaiva of Renukapuram has attempted to defend the temple from the attacks made by using manner of the usage of the Nawabs with the help of a gang of young stars belonging to Ravindrapuram, Mahathpuram, Ratnapuram, Vyasapuram beneath the leadership of Makkaji Patel, the temple come to be covered from Muslims invasions.  

Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana


each day in early morning on the time of Brahma Muhurtham Rudrabhishekam has been finished presently pilgrims can see sand idol of Goddess Saraswathi.

Koneru it's far positioned to the east facet of the principle temple. It's also known as ‘Papaharini –Pushkarini’ on this koneru there are eight three thousands (wells) within the 8 suggestions. 

Indra Theertha, Surya Theertha, Vyasa Theertha, Valmiki Theertha, Vishnu Theertha, Ganesh Theertha, Puthra Theertha, Shiva Theertha


  • In Basara brilliant accommodations facilities are available.
  • Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Vemulawada. Visitor house three fits A/C each 500/-
  • T.T.D. Vacationer residence four fits each  100/-
  • T.T.D. 100 Rooms every  100/-
  • Choultries 10 Rooms each 100/-
  • Sri Venkateshwara Swamy, Dwaraka Thirumala traveler residence, Sri Durga Malleshwara 
  • swamy guest residence, Vijayawada, Sri Laxmi Narsimha Swamy traveller residence, Yadagiri gutta, Sri Bramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy vari visitor residence, Sri Sailam available.

The manner to acquire Basara Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple:

  • Basara is set 210 km from Hyderabad and is nicely linked through Rail and Road.
  • APSRTC runs not unusual buses from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Nizamabad & Warangal
  • the closest Airport is Hyderabad (145Km), Nanded (110Km).
  • The closest Railway station is Basara. 
Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Adilabad In Telangana

Surrounding Temples from Basara Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple:

1. Mahankali Temple

2. Vyasa Mandir

3. Vyasa Guha.

Four. Vedavathi Shila

5. Dathathreya Temple

6. Shivalayam is located at monetary institution of Godavari River.

7. Kuntala Waterfalls close by Basara

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