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New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

3 New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana
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New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

Employment Scheme in Telangana

The nation government of Telangana has decided to release three new self employment scheme to offer livelihood to the young people. The authorities has introduced three forms of new self employment scheme on thirtieth August, Tuesday.

New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

The three schemes, Scheme-A, Scheme-B and Scheme-C will cater the desires of various venture models based on the capital requirement. Under the scheme-A, for projects as much as Rs. 1 lakh, 80 according to cent of the unit price may be borne by means of government as subsidy while the last 20 in step with cent amount could be provided as loan via banks.

New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

Similarly, Scheme-B is for the initiatives costing among Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh. In this situation, authorities subsidy would be 70% of the entire price whilst relaxation may be availed as mortgage from the banks.

Scheme-C will cater the financial desires of tasks costing extra than Rs. 2 Lakh. Under this scheme, the country government could undergo 60% of the value of the project or a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakh.

Allowed Activities
As in keeping with the scheme tips, the authorities will permit all sorts of activities below the scheme-A at the same time as only industrial or carrier associated activities are allowed in Scheme-B and Scheme-C.

New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

Under the Scheme-C, the small scale enterprise can be setup. Preference will be given to the enterprise being setup inside the rural areas within the nation.
New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

How to Apply
The applicants decided on beneath the Scheme-B and C could end up eligible for the mortgage after present process a special Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) education.
3 New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

The eligible applicants as according to the qualification and age limit can practice for the scheme thru MPDO, municipal commissioners involved. The applications then can be scrutinized and endorsed to the district degree committee.

Then, the district sanction committee will scrutinize the applications and accord administrative sanction to launch economic assistance within the form of subsidy to the bank account of the chosen beneficiary.


Self-employment Scheme

(a) Categery - I Self-employment Schemes

It is proposed to assist 32,715 beneficiaries under ISB sector with Bank linkage with an outlay of Rs.52430.00 lakhs under Self Employment Scheme classified into III categories i.e with unit cost of Rs.1,00,000/-,  Rs 2,00,000/-, (Rs 1.00 lakhs to 2.00 lakhs), and Rs 2,00,001/- (Rs 2.01 lakhs to Rs 10.00 lakhs), respectively to cover the schemes with considerable cost and viable units in this Action Plan

The matching Corporation Subsidy is allowed for Rs 80,000/- or 80% of unit cost whichever is less, and balance as Bank Loan is provided in the scheme.

The schemes are to be identified on the basis of market feasibility, viability and matketing linkages, Schemes under Micro Enterprises, Services and Business Sectors and as per the choice of the beneficiaries and Banker schould be taken up. The Auto Rickshaws, Service Centres, Call CEntres, Xerox, Car Taxies, Tractors, Roadside Dabhas, Mechnized Plough machines, Small Proclainers, Small Clinics for Doctors, any viable units etc., can be taken up under Seld employment Schemes. The candidates studied up to 10th Class may be encouraged to establish Industry, Service and Business Sector Schemes with Bank linkage.

Funding Pattern

    Unit Cost                      :          Rs 1,00,000/-

    Corp. Subsidy              :          Rs 80,000/-

    Bank Loan                    :          Balance (Rs 20,000/-)

Funds Required

    No. of units                  :   23,505

    No.of Beneficiaries     :   23,505

    Total Outlay                :    Rs. 23505.00 lakhs

    Corp. Subsidy             :    Rs 18804.00 lakhs

    Bank Loan                   :    Rs.4701.00 lakhs
Self-employment Scheme II
(b) Categery - II Self-employment Schemes
Funding Pattern
  • Unit Cost                      :          Rs 2,00,000/-
  • Corp. Subsidy              :          Rs 1,40,000/-
  • Bank Loan                    :          Balance (Rs 60,000/-)
Funds Required 
  • No. of units                  :   7,109
  • No.of Beneficiaries     :   7,109
  • Total Outlay                :    Rs. 14218.00 lakhs
  • Corp. Subsidy             :    Rs 9952.60 lakhs
  • Bank Loan                   :    Rs.4265.40 lakhs
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Self-employment Scheme III
        (c) Categery - III  - Self Employment Schemes 
Funding Pattern 
  • Unit Cost                            :       Rs 7,00,000/-
  • Corp. Subsidy                     :       Rs 4,00,000/-
  • Bank Loan                          :       Balance (Rs 3,00,000/-)
Funds Required 
  • No. of units                        :       2,101
  • No.of Beneficiaries            :       2,101
  • Total Outlay                       :      Rs. 14707.00 lakhs
  • Corp. Subsidy                    :     Rs 8404.00 lakhs
  • Bank Loan                          :     Rs. 6303.00 lakhs
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