Ms Word Tips in Telugu Complete Video Tutorial Download

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Quick tips

 To choose a whole paragraph make three quick clicks somewhere in the paragraph

    Ctrl + click selects set. Click anywhere in a set while holding down the Ctrl key to select the set

    To create a horizontal line 3 dashes, and then press Enter

    Ctrl + makes a word collapsed and Ctrl Shift + makes a word raised

    Pressing the return key while holding down the Ctrl key will erase the previous word

    USe Format Painter function to quickly apply a specific format to a new area.

    Typing = rand (8,10) and then press Enter automatically generic random text that you can use to test page formatting, fonts, and so on.

    To move the cursor to the location where it was when you save the document, press Shift + F5

    Select a text - if you press Ctrl + Shift +, the font size of the selected text is increased. To decrease the font size, use Ctrl + Shift + <Combination

    To quickly create a plus sign (+) for a table type, press the Tab key; Type a plus again, and then press the Tab key again. Do this as often as the number of cells you want in your table. Then press Enter. And the table shall appear!

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