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GST Registration Steps for GST Registration Online

GST Registration - Steps for GST Registration Online,
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 GST Registration - Steps for GST Registration Online

The GST bill was recently passed by the Lok Sabha on 30 March and it will directly impact on all in the country. So, what is GST? GST stands for goods and services tax. It will be imposed by the state and central governments and will be the most indirect taxes like VAT, service tax, etc.

GST Registration Steps for GST Registration Online

Anyone who has a valid PAN is registered under the current Income Tax Act and exceeds the turnover. GST-Limit can register for GST. People who need to pay TDS, casual traders, etc., need to register for GST. Existing assessments must obtain their preliminary ID and password for the GST Portal from their ACES or VAT website. After logging in to the GST portal, they must create a new user ID and password.

GST Registration Steps for GST Registration Online

Steps for online registration:

  can register online at GST online at

    Step 1 - Create the login ID and password. File format GST REG-01 (part 1) to start the process. Candidates must provide their handynummer, PAN and e-mail ID. The PAN is checked online and the e-mail and mobile phone number is checked via OTP (One Time Password).
    Step 2 - Fill and submit the registration form (form GST REG-02). Upload the following documents:
  •         Constitution of the taxpayer. It could be the COI, partnership certificate, etc.
  •         Photo.
  •         Information on the bank account
  •         Proof of the main branch The proof may be NOC, electricity calculation, rental agreement, etc.
    Step 3 - Officer will check the application and documents. If everything is in order, registration is approved in a period of 3 working days. If not, the applicant will be notified of the form GST REG-03 within 3 working days.

The applicant must fulfill the requirements of form GST REG-03 and reply within 7 working days by form GST REG-04.

    Step 4 - If the officer does not reply within 3 working days with approval or notification, it can be assumed that the registration has been approved.

For each state, separate registration must be carried out if a trader has branches in several states. Companies with more than 1 vertical can register separately for each of them.

Since GST has just been introduced, it may take us a while to get used to it and understand it. At the present time, all assessments have been requested to register for GST, and it is not a procedure for those who do not wish to register. You may decide to cancel your registration after registration.

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