How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

In Assamation cards are also known as Family Identify Cards (FIC) and are issued to any eligible family in the state. In Assam, a person with a valid FIC can only take advantage of the PDS system / system. Here we discuss various details such as how to apply online for Ration Card / FIC, track status, search ration card and issue double FIC card in Assam. But above all else, we will discuss some common aspects that will give you deep knowledge about various day-to-day stuff with FIC card in Assam.
How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

Type of ration cards / FIC in Assam

In Assam, FIC cards are issued in different colors and each color is a different category. For now, the government gives 3 kinds of ration cards, APL, BPL and AAY in Assam. All categories are defined on the basis of the annual budget income and receive unique advantages. Belo is the chart showing the criteria and the amount of rice with the price displayed to each type.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

Eligible persons to apply for RationCard in Assam
Here are all possible scenarios under which a person can apply for a new ration card or apply for changes to the existing ration card.

Person without ration card
It is very rare, but if you do not have a Ration Card, then you must have a written certificate from one of the Head / Gaon Panchayat President / Ward Commissioner / Inspector, FCS & CA / Affected Authority stating that this person has no Ration Card For his family. You must include this written certificate in the original RationCard application form.

Duplicated Ration Card
Losing your card or something has happened, this scenario applies. In this case, you must submit your application stating the reason why you want a double ration card. Duplicate ration card will be issued and you will have to pay standard processing fees.

Change of address
In this case, a transfer certificate is required from the responsible FCS & CA authority with a clear statement of your previous place of residence. You must request this declaration with your application form. Without a proper transfer certificate, you can not change your address in the ratio / FIC card.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

Adding the name after the marriage
In such cases, you will need a deletion certificate issued by the FCS & CA Authority. It should clearly mention that your name will be deleted from your previous ration card and now it can be added to the new one. Once you have this statement in writing, you can continue with the addition of newly married person in your existing Ration Card.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

Newborn infants and deaths
In either case, you need either birth certificate (newborn child) or death certificate (death) for adding or removing a particular name from the existing Rashan card.

Apply online for Ration Card / FIC in Assam
Now I see no way to apply online. For example, you must submit your duly completed Ration Card form to the FCS & CA Authority of the District / Subsection (C).

Please have a look at all the necessary documents, which you must edit during the ration card.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

If you want to change the head of the family in your ration card, you must show the death certificate of the previous headperson (in the case of a head) or an affidavit with the reason to replace the current headname from the card. You do not have to file an opposition certificate.

In case of inquiries / concerns, you can contact:

The director,
Food, civil and consumer goods
Bhangagarh, Guwahati-781005, Assam

Free of Charge No (s) - 1. 18003453611

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State Click Here
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