Adilabad Collector's / Joint Collector's Administration Officers Mobile Number

Adilabad Collector's / Joint Collector's Administration Officers Mobile Number

Adilabad Collector's / Joint Collector's Administration Officers Mobile Number


Adilabad Collector's / Joint Collector's  KEY OFFICERs

Sl.No Name of the Officer Designation Official Mobile Number Email ID
1 Dr. Jyothi Buddha Prakash District Collecor 9491053696; 9491301979 [email protected]
2 Krishna Reddy Joint Collector 9502770131 [email protected]
3 Krishna Reddy District Revenue Officer 9502770131 [email protected]
4 Krishna Reddy Revenue Divisional Officer,Adilabad 9502770131 [email protected]
5 V. Asha Kumari i/c. PD. ATMA 7288894000 [email protected]
6 V. Asha Kumari Dist. Agril Officer (DAO) 7288894000 [email protected]
7 Dr. Rama Rao Rathod Dist. Veternary & Animal Husbandry Officer 7337396420 [email protected]
8 V.Vijaya Rama Rao Assistant Commissoner.Endowments 9491000691 [email protected]
9 M.K Durga Bhavani Deputy Director,Adult Education 9849909219 [email protected]
10 M. Srikanth Reddy District Civil Supply Officer 8008301411 [email protected]
11 Dr. Ashok Director, RIMS 9573944848; 9849644591 [email protected]
12 N. Manthri Dist. Panchayath Raj Engineer 9866257388 [email protected]
13 P. Meghnath DBCDO 9949424242 [email protected]
14 Vijay Kumar Dist. Fisheries Officer 8008873005 [email protected]
15 DM&HO 9849902481 [email protected]
16 Nadeemullah Khan District Minority Welfare Officer 9849901137 [email protected]
17 K. Anitha P & ES 9440902709 [email protected]
18 Ramana Dist. Registrar
19 R. Mohansingh A.O. 9441339988
20 U. Nagaraj Dy.Director, Treasuries 9848778495 [email protected]
21 Sanjaiah Dist. Cooperative Officer 9100115638 [email protected]
22 G. Jagath Jyothy District Employeement Officer 8886882109 [email protected]
23 T. Vittal Assistant Director 7032982029 [email protected]
24 K. Pochaiah Dist. Panchayath Officer 9676959001 [email protected]
25 R. Rajeshwar District Rural Development Office 9490100202 [email protected]; [email protected]
26 K. Lingaiah Dist. Education Officer 9849909119 [email protected]
27 G. Kumar Executive Engineer 8978680891 [email protected]
28 N. Bickshapathi Executive Engineer 9849906336 [email protected]
29 S. Rambabu, IFS District Forest Officer 9440810098 [email protected]
30 J. Ram Kishan Naik General Manager, DIC 9640909837; 9492136456 [email protected]
31 S. Narsing Das District Horticulture & Sericulture Officer 8374449889 [email protected]
32 D. Susheel Kumar Dist. Irrigation Officer 9912700146 [email protected]
33 B Rajeshwar DTWO 9440902190 [email protected]
34 Ramgopal Deputy Commissioner of Labour 9492555234 [email protected]
35 T. Shivanand Dist. Inspector 9490165640 [email protected]
36 Nayeemullah Khan DMWO 8466036530
37 M. Ravi Babu Asst. Commissioner 9849907604 [email protected]
38 VSC Kesavarao JD CPO 9704956496 [email protected]
39 N. Venkateshwarlu Regional Sainik Welfare Officer 9849913061 [email protected]
40 USN Murthi Dist. RWS Engineer 9100122216 [email protected]
41 D.Satyanandam Principal, GPTCollege 9912342026 [email protected]
42 K. Kishan Dist. SC Development Officer 9494946427 [email protected]; [email protected]
43 L Vijaya AAO 9705341745
44 M. Rajender Asst. Director 9866167365 [email protected]
45 R Gouri Nageshwar District Manager 7680948071 [email protected]
46 N. Sayanna DM 9959226002
47 M. Shiva Prasad Manager (AM) 9866003717 [email protected]
48 K.Madhukar ADE 9440811272 [email protected]
49 Laxmi Dist. Co-ordinator 9704550163
50 Dr. L. Malathi I/C MS (Health TVVP) 8897567518 [email protected]; [email protected]
51 Syed Ibrabhim IA Wakf 9866645504 [email protected]
52 M. Umadevi District Welfare Officer 9440814455 [email protected]
53 N. Venkateshwarlu District Youth Sports Officer 9849913061
54 G. Jitender Reddy Chief Executive Officer 9849900031 [email protected]

Adilabad District Mandal and Villages in Telangana State

Adilabad District Information in Telangana State

Adilabad District in Telangana State Information 

Adilabad District Information  
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