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Logicsoft Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

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Logicsoft Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Organization: Logicsoft 

Qualification: B.Tech/MCA Degree 

Experience: 3 - 4 yrs 

Area: New Delhi 

Employment Role: Senior Android Developer 


Organization Profile: 

Logicsoft established in 1995 in New Delhi by a group of business visionaries from renowned building foundations of India to counsel, plan, create, execute and bolster the then rising Internet space in India. 

Set of working responsibilities: 

1. Ought to have working information and involvement in Android Mobile Application Development. Expected ranges of abilities 

2. Ought to have understanding on J2EE as Android is based on Standard Java 2 Standard Edition with another API and structure for the applications 

3. Ought to be acquainted with Android structure - exercises, administrations, related life cycles, expectations, content suppliers, communicate collectors, and so forth. 

4. Should think about multi-threading and string synchronization (imperative since you ought to never hinder the principle string) 

5. Introduction to important improvement methods for cell phones with constrained battery life (lessen number of guidance cycles, limit memory get to, don't release any assets, and so on) 

6. Ought to know about XML and JSON a prerequisite 

7. Ought to know about Sql Lite and a working knowledge in SQL databases 

8. Ought to act naturally taught to pursue coding models, authoritative programming aptitudes and great remarking rehearses. 

Candidate Profile: 

Capabilities: B.Tech/MCA Degree with solid experience to Android Technologies 

Experience: 3 to 4 Years 



Logicsoft Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Company: Logicsoft

Qualification: BTech / MCA Degree

Experience: 3.5+ years

Location: New Delhi

Job Role: System Administrator (Microsoft)

Logicsoft Recruitment Jobs For Freshers Apply

Job Summary:

Company Profile:

Logicsoft  was established in 1995 in New Delhi by a team of entrepreneurs of prestigious engineering institutes in India who consult, design, develop, implement and support the then emerging Internet space in India.

Job Description:

1. Administration of Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory Network Services

2. Administration of Microsoft Exchange 2010 Configuration and Troubleshooting

3. Managing Microsoft SQL Server 2008

4. Installation and administration (such as TCP / IP, DNS, Group Policy, DHCP).

5. Specially working on VMware vSphere and Hyper-V technologies.

6. Work on networking and network security.

7. Working with server storage, SAN storage and RAID.

8. Clustering experience on Windows and RDBMS should be experienced.

9. Working with a ticketing system, tracking the work done in hours and completing the work according to the set schedule.

When troubleshooting and resolving computer-related issues when the client is contacted by providing remote support and remote support.

11. Maintaining software applications, operating systems and regular maintenance.

12. Managing planned projects and program components to distribute services as per the prescribed objectives.

13. Responding to inquiries from staff, administrators, service providers, site personnel and external vendors and etc. to provide technical support and assistance.

14. Authorization To ensure the availability of services to users, monitor the administration of systems and servers related networks.

Candidate profile:

Qualification: B.Tech/MCA Degree

Required Skills:

1. Basic database knowledge of SQL, MySQL and ACCESS etc.

2. Basic networking skills should be such as LAN, WAN, TCP / IP

3. Must have experience of handling cluster of server infrastructure, OS / database

4. Should understand deeply on Windows / IIS / SQL Server


Logicsoft Recruitment 2017 Jobs For Freshers Apply

Company:        Logicsoft

Website:          www.logicsoft.com

Eligibility:         B.Tech/MCA

Experience:       3.5+ yrs

Location:          New Delhi

Job Role:         System Administrator


Company Profile-

Logicsoft founded in 1995 in New Delhi by a team of entrepreneurs from prestigious engineering institutions of India to consult, design, develop, implement and support the then emerging Internet space in India.

Job Description-
  •  Administering Microsoft Windows Server & Active Directory Network Services
  •  Administering Microsoft Exchange 2010 configuration & troubleshooting.
  •  Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  •  Installation & Administration (e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, Group Policy, DHCP).
  •  Working on technologies especially VMware vSphere and Hyper-V.
  •  Working on Networking & network security.
  •  Working with Server Storage, SAN Storage & RAID.
  •  Should have experience on Clustering on Windows and RDBMS.
  •  Working with a ticketing system, tracking work done in hours & completing work according to set schedules.
  •  Troubleshoot & resolve computer related issues when contacted by clients by providing both On-site & Remote support.
  •  Maintaining software applications, operating systems & regular maintenance.
  •  Managing assigned projects and program components to deliver services in accordance with established objectives.
  •  Responding to inquiries from staff, administrators,service providers, site personnel and outside vendors & etc. to provide technical assistance & support.
  •  supervising the administration of systems & servers related network to ensure availability of services to authority users.

Qualifications- B.Tech/MCA Degree
  •  Basic database knowledge of SQL, MySQL & ACCESS etc.
  •  Must to have basic networking skills eg. LAN, WAN, TCP/IP
  •  Should have experience in handling server infrastructure, clusters of OS/Database
  •  Should be having in-depth understanding on Windows / IIS / SQL Server

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