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Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

Online PAN Card application

The increasing spread of internet in almost all areas of life has made it both convenient and obliging for the government to also take on the online route. Against this backdrop, the online PAN application for customers was completed in 2003 by the income tax department. Two government agencies, namely NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technologies and Services Limited), have been bidding on-line interface to customers for the application of the new PAN or for correction / modification / reprinting of the PAN card.

Online application of PAN is one of the most convenient ways of applying to PAN because the dispute is the least involved and the process is fast, convenient and effective. Both NSDL and UTITSL websites have provided explicit guidelines and instructions to enable applicants to complete a smooth application process. PAN applications can be made by different entities such as individuals, HUFs, trusts, NRIs, organizations, etc.

The application of the PAN can be divided furthest into two main categories, made by Indians at home and abroad, and two are made by foreigners who have business in the country. This is the segregation based on entities, however, based on the online application process, it can be classified into applications that are made with NSDL and those that are made with UTIITSL. Let us apply in the two online processes for PAN with NSDL and with UTIITSL.
Online registration of PAN on the NSDL website

Online application for PAN can be made for issuing the new PAN as well as reprinting or correcting PAN card details. Below, you will find step by step procedures for each of the online applications that can be made with regard to Permanent Account Number, PAN.

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

    Online registration for new PAN

    Form 49A must be completed by applicants applying for a new PAN. This means that applicants who have never applied for a PAN and who are currently not assigned a PAN should use this form for the PAN application.
  1.     Step 1: Complete the online Form49A hosted on the NSDL or UTIITSL website. Review and edit all information that is not completed correctly.
  2.     Step 2: Once the details are submitted, the site directs you to a payment gateway for payment of the processing fee. The fee currently for new PAN applications is Rs.107, which includes the service tax of 14.5%. This fee can be paid online either by debit card or credit card or via internet banking. For the offline payment of the fee, check or demand design can be used. Also for applications that have a foreign address, the fee that is required to be paid is Rs.962.
  3.     Step 3: Once the money is paid, a confirmation number will be generated for the user to hold as a reference. The status of your PAN request can then be tracked using this reference number. The receipt document bears this reference number.
  4.     Step 4: The applicant is required to make an expression from this receipt and send it to the income tax department. This recognition should be accompanied by the necessary documents for proof of the address and proof of identity. In addition, two passport images must be attached to the receipt printout.
  5.     Step 5: The confirmation letter together with relevant documents should be sent to the income tax department within 15 days from the date of the online application. The envelope that is sent should be labeled "APPLICATION FOR PAN -"
  6.     Step 6: Once the documents and recognition have reached the control department, the various information will be checked and, if they are satisfactory, a new PAN will be issued to the applicant. An e-mail regarding PAN details and the sending of the PAN card will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. The PAN card reaches the applicant within 30 days from the filing date. The verification number given at the time of submission of the application form may be used for persecution purposes.

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card  Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

NOTE: The documents and receipt are to be submitted to the income tax department within 15 days of the online registration. Otherwise, the process is canceled and the fee for the same is lost. In this case, the user must re-initiate a new PAN request.

    The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and can not be left blank in the form.

    Online registration for reprinting by PAN

    It may happen that a company must receive a duplicate PAN card. This may occur in situations where the original PAN card has been moved or lost, and the cardholder no longer has a physical card. In such cases, the application form remains the same, ie Form 49A. The various fields are filled in the same way as the above steps for the application of new PAN.

    A few documents must be attached to this application. These are the proof of the address, the proof of the identity and the proof of the birth date.

    NOTE: One important point to consider when filling out one of the PAN application forms is that the field "Name" in the application form exactly matches the name in the submitted documents. Any discrepancy will result in a rejection of the application.

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

    Online application for correction / modification of PAN details

    Since the PAN application procedure consists of human interventions in different steps, it is quite possible to include errors. There are times when details printed on the PAN card are misspelled or incorrectly set up. Also for married women who change their names, the requirement for a changed PAN card may arise.

    Correcting or changing the PAN map details takes care of exactly these points and provides a chance for cardholders to get their PAN details corrected. The request form to be filled in for correcting or modifying PAN details has almost the same fields as for the new PAN login.

Online application of the PAN on the UTITSL website

UTIITSL is another government agency approved by the income tax department for the processing of PAN applications. Since PAN has become an extremely important and widespread identification document, the volume for such PAN applications is high, and therefore the need for more than one organization to work on it.

    Online registration for new PAN

    UTITSL is another government agency that has been initiated by the Income Tax Department to deal with PAN-related problems. The process to apply is similar to that followed on the NSDL website. The steps of the process are described in detail below.

  •     Step 1: Complete the application form 49A with mandatory information such as name, address, father's name, etc.
  •     Step 2: Once you have completed all the required information, click the Validation button to be clicked before clicking the Submit button. The applicant is displayed with a click on the "Send" button. At this point, you can check whether the completed information is correct to your knowledge.
  •     Step 3: The next step is to make the payment for processing the PAN application. Two payment gateway options, namely Billdesk and PayU, are offered to the customers for selection. Internet banking, debit card or credit card payment options can be selected to make the payment.
  •     Step 4: Once the payment is successful, a confirmation of payment is sent and a receipt for the same is displayed, which can be printed out by the applicant for future use.
  •     Step 5: If the payment fails, the corresponding message is displayed on the screen and the applicant can either choose to cancel the transaction or try again.
  •     Step 6: For a successful payment as soon as the form is printed by the applicant, two passport photos must be attached and the application form must be signed. Add copies of the required documents (address, age and identity) with this updated and signed form and send it to your nearest UTIITSL office. These UTIITSL PAN processing offices are located in all four metropolitan cities in the country: Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

The status of the PAN application can be tracked through the coupon number provided by UTIITSL upon submission of your PAN application form. For reprinting and correcting the PAN application status, the existing PAN number can be used for tracking.

NOTE: The application form 49A should be obtained from the official UTIITSL website itself, and if a thumb image is used instead of the signature, it must be checked and confirmed by a magistrate, a notary or a Gazetted official.

    Online application for correction / modification of PAN details

    There are times when PAN details printed on your PAN card may be printed incorrectly, or your personal data may be recorded incorrectly with the UTIITSL back-end system. For such cases, PAN correction or modification may be applied. The form that needs to be completed is exactly the same, and the documents that need to be attached are all the same. Identity verifications, address-safe and aging-proof are the three required documents. Fields that need to be changed are marked with a checkbox.

    The updated form print is then taken and sent together with the documents to the UTIITSL offices in one of the 4 metro stations closest to your location. For the correction of PAN, another thing that is important is the submission of the proof of the existing PAN. This could be copy of the existing PAN or copy of the confirmation letter with the previous PAN.

    There is a fee associated with correcting or modifying PAN details.

    Online registration to reprint the PAN card

    There are cases where, due to certain reasons, a PAN cardholder may lose his PAN card. In such cases, a reprint of the existing PAN card may be provided by providing the necessary identity and age proofs and payment of the registration fee.

    You are also required to submit documents proving that you are already a PAN holder. This could be a copy of your lost PAN card or copy of the confirmation letter received at the time of the provision of the existing PAN card. Once these documents are sent to the UTIITSL office together with the application form, the details are matched with the existing records and the reprint of the PAN card is sent to your registered address.

    If, however, there is a deviation from the corresponding data in the application form and the data available in the income tax central database, your reprint will be rejected.

Working with the NSDL or the UTIITSL online are the two primary ways to make online applications for PAN. There may be other external websites on the Internet that ask users to apply for PAN. For the online application of PAN, however, only the two NSDL and UTIITSL sites authorized by the income tax department are. Therefore, even if you go and register on a different site than this, they will almost always be redirected to these official websites for the application of PAN.

Also, there are a few websites that act as moderators for PAN application. These websites do the tasks of collecting documents from your place and send them to NSDL or UTIITSL on your behalf. These are essentially meant as agents who charge a service fee and perform the end-to-end application on your behalf.

  1. New Pan Card Online Apply NSDL

  2. New Pan Card Online Apply UTIITSL

Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status
Pan Card Online Apply Pan Card Change / Correction PanCard Online Status

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