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SANGAREDDY Mandal MPTC Mobile No's List Medak District in Telangana State

SANGAREDDY Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Medak District in Telangana State
SANGAREDDY N.Kalavathi MPTC BC 9949074510
SANGAREDDY M.Srinivas MPTC BC 9441125702
SANGAREDDY V.Krishna Goud MPTC BC 9440837102
SANGAREDDY P.Sanganna MPTC BC 9948132726
SANGAREDDY M.Krishnaveni MPTC BC 9908791185
SANGAREDDY N.Yadagiri MPTC BC 9849951304
SANGAREDDY T.Kavitha MPTC BC 9000906609
SANGAREDDY K.Laxmi MPTC BC 9908347145
SANGAREDDY Kalimabee MPTC BC 9676304549
SANGAREDDY K.Krishna MPTC BC 9949392562
SANGAREDDY L.Mallesham MPTC BC 9440710844
SANGAREDDY M.Bharathamma MPTC OC 9000597878
SANGAREDDY P.Sindhura MPTC OC 9502486652
SANGAREDDY K.Chakrapani MPTC SC 9866494777
SANGAREDDY P.Mogulaiah MPTC SC 9440747611
SANGAREDDY P.Jyothi MPTC SC 9392747598
SANGAREDDY T.Anjani MPTC SC 9985227621
SANGAREDDY M.Arun Kumar MPTC SC 9494823009
SANGAREDDY Rama krishna MPTC SC 9494060729
SANGAREDDY N.Shanker MPTC ST 9449009382
SANGAREDDY B.Sali MPTC ST 9441178998
SANGAREDDY N.Vijayalaxmi MPTC ST 9912250090
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