Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Wardmember Mobile Numbers List Nalgonda District Narayanapur Mandal in Telangana

Narayanapur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Wardmember Mobile Numbers Nalgonda District   Telangana State
Chillapuram DUBBAKA BHASKAR Sarpanch 9553341492
Chillapuram JETTI LINGAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9603536504
Chillapuram CHILIVERU MALLAMMA Ward member 9603314160
Chillapuram KARANTOTHU LAXMAN Ward member 9705584439
Chillapuram KARANTOTHU LAXMI Ward member 9553342855
Chillapuram KELOTH SONA Ward member 9177163753
Chillapuram KORRA NEELA Ward member 8096193574
Chillapuram KORRA RAJI Ward member 9603980545
Chillapuram KORRA SHANKAR Ward member 9603971202
Chillapuram MEKALA SUVARNA Ward member 9957884412
Chillapuram MERGU JANGAMMA Ward member 9705324154
Chillapuram PADASANABOINA NARSIMHA Ward member 9701435666
Chillapuram VARIKUPPALA EDDAIAH Ward member 9848192580
Chimiriyala Gaddam Swamy Sarpanch 9494349349
Chimiriyala G.Nirmala Upa-Sarpanch 9848849146
Chimiriyala B.Nagamma Ward member 9705855751
Chimiriyala D.Bal Reddy Ward member 9948957134
Chimiriyala D.Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9490128277
Chimiriyala K.Rajitha Ward member 9010879502
Chimiriyala M.Bixapathi Ward member 9959028708
Chimiriyala M.Swamy Ward member 9912871848
Chimiriyala U.Sugunamma Ward member 9948576582
Guddimalkapuram K Sukunamma Sarpanch 9949316128
Guddimalkapuram M Ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9951263723
Guddimalkapuram B Bharathamma Ward member 9010271066
Guddimalkapuram D Kavitha Ward member 9010936171
Guddimalkapuram E Laxmamma Ward member 9848276499
Guddimalkapuram E Shankaraiah Ward member 9848984060
Guddimalkapuram K Malla Reddy Ward member 9550264874
Guddimalkapuram S Yellaiah Ward member 9705538003
Guddimalkapuram T Shyamala Ward member 9603531530
Gujja Chinam Vinodha Sarpanch 9848749849
Gujja Bollam Jayamma Upa-Sarpanch 9505432282
Gujja Arra Amshamma Ward member 0
Gujja Bollam Yetaiah Ward member 0
Gujja Chada Santhosha Ward member 9652840041
Gujja Dhoda MadhavaReddy Ward member 9912784430
Gujja Dhoda VenkatReddy Ward member 9948946422
Gujja Dhoti Pramela Ward member 9705822340
Gujja Dhoti Srinivas Ward member 9603099879
Gujja Gangadevi Sathaiah Ward member 9705388661
Gujja Kamampati Sumalatha Ward member 9949052793
Jangam Y MALLESHAM Sarpanch 9951888567
Jangam G SHYAMALA Upa-Sarpanch 9705842715
Jangam G KRISHNAIAH Ward member 9948482149
Jangam G RAJESWARI Ward member 8897211565
Jangam I NAVITHA Ward member 9848008050
Jangam K BALU Ward member 9505764508
Jangam K HASLI Ward member 8179095658
Jangam K KAVITHA Ward member 9640754430
Jangam K PARENGA Ward member 9959360552
Jangam K RAJAIAH Ward member 9666798223
Jangam K SONA Ward member 8096497169
Jangam MD KHALIK Ward member 9948444670
Jangam O MUTHYALU Ward member 9951649565
Jangam T YADAIAH Ward member 9951167307
Jangam V DWALI Ward member 9848061906
Kankanal Gudem Guntoju Jayasri Sarpanch 9492839176
Kankanal Gudem Kadthala Shankaraiah Upa-Sarpanch 8978486489
Kankanal Gudem Burugu Jangamma Ward member 9010046911
Kankanal Gudem Donuri NarsiReddy Ward member 9550137705
Kankanal Gudem Kadthala Malaiah Ward member 9177911819
Kankanal Gudem Merugumala Yadamma Ward member 7036353353
Kankanal Gudem Siripangi Mallamma Ward member 9951514723
Kankanal Gudem Siripangi Narsimha Ward member 9542306923
Kankanal Gudem Thumala Swathi Ward member 9640363436
Kothagudem Cherkupally Narsimha Sarpanch 9908586886
Kothagudem Itagoni Sampoorna Upa-Sarpanch 9948020342
Kothagudem Donuru Venkanna Ward member 9908586988
Kothagudem Guduru Laxmamma Ward member 9505508993
Kothagudem Marla Nagamani Ward member 9705389977
Kothagudem Neella Ramulu Ward member 9989645709
Kothagudem Neella Yadagiri Ward member 9848403762
Kothagudem Rachakomda Lingaswamy Ward member 9948759543
Kothagudem Rommula Galamma Ward member 9603493395
Mahammadabad mallepally savitramma Sarpanch 9502931218
Mahammadabad gosula hemalatha Upa-Sarpanch 9912171243
Mahammadabad chilakam venkatesh Ward member 9052482815
Mahammadabad janagam laxmamma Ward member 9505504042
Mahammadabad karantothu saraswathi Ward member 9849817680
Mahammadabad karotothu ramulu Ward member 9905343028
Mahammadabad pachipala mallesh Ward member 9948493638
Mahammadabad panugothu suguna Ward member 9640043005
Mahammadabad ramavath lalu Ward member 9951926095
Mallareddygudem kumbam.sathaiah Sarpanch 9666377237
Mallareddygudem veeramalla.swamy Upa-Sarpanch 8466995630
Mallareddygudem baddula.laxmamma Ward member 7702551450
Mallareddygudem batharaju.laxmi Ward member 9010821059
Mallareddygudem dontharaboni.renuka Ward member 9705982281
Mallareddygudem Ganta.mallesh Ward member 9989293583
Mallareddygudem Gutta.barathamma Ward member 9951907967
Mallareddygudem jinkala.ramesh Ward member 9908710811
Mallareddygudem kurri.ushamma Ward member 9912109741
Mallareddygudem Narry.ailaiah Ward member 9542365329
Mallareddygudem siripangi.meenaiah Ward member 9951660516
Narayanapur Arupula Anjamma Sarpanch 9440999574
Narayanapur Mailaram Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9912972844
Narayanapur Ande Mamatha Ward member 9849947491
Narayanapur Arola Padma Ward member 9441904179
Narayanapur Boini Narsimha Ward member 9505730437
Narayanapur Chenoju Sudhakara Chary Ward member 9640783196
Narayanapur Chiluveru Sharadha Ward member 9912667284
Narayanapur Janagam Narsimha Ward member 9603170617
Narayanapur Karnati Lavnya Ward member 8099941852
Narayanapur Menga Saidulu Ward member 9989032643
Narayanapur Nenavath Laxmi Ward member 9640520034
Narayanapur Patnam Dhasharatha Ward member 9705016843
Narayanapur Rasamalla Saidamma Ward member 9640042875
Narayanapur Surapally Venkatesham Ward member 9666939415
Narayanapur Survi Rajeswari Ward member 9989561762
Puttapaka Nallagonda Kalamma Sarpanch 9603625263
Puttapaka Varkala Chandrashekar Upa-Sarpanch 9441458144
Puttapaka Chennoju Bramhachary Ward member 9441659148
Puttapaka Edula Anjaiah Ward member 9441924115
Puttapaka Gajam Prabhakar Ward member 9440758258
Puttapaka Jella Laxmi Ward member 8985380280
Puttapaka Pemballa Laxmamma Ward member 9912919250
Puttapaka Pitta Krishna Ward member 8185888986
Puttapaka Pitta Narsamma Ward member 9441660370
Puttapaka Pitta Premalatha Ward member 9948468208
Puttapaka Polagoni Sathyanarayana Ward member 9491654112
Puttapaka Shivashetti Suvarna Ward member 9676516038
Rachakonda K Sagar Sarpanch 9948743443
Rachakonda P Parvathalu Upa-Sarpanch 8978566381
Rachakonda K Hasya Ward member 9849993265
Rachakonda K Jaya Ward member 9959750306
Rachakonda K Mothya Ward member 9000578211
Rachakonda K sakku Ward member 9704683488
Rachakonda K Saroja Ward member 9908192141
Rachakonda K Srinu Ward member 9705316865
Rachakonda S Kalamma Ward member 9553150781
Sarvail manupati sathish kumar Sarpanch 9010973121
Sarvail nanadagiri yadamma Upa-Sarpanch 9949034385
Sarvail arpula ramulu Ward member 9963967503
Sarvail arpula yadamma Ward member 9705829748
Sarvail baja lingamma Ward member 9010518283
Sarvail chilukaraju raju Ward member 9666629674
Sarvail eesam ganesh Ward member 9951960041
Sarvail gutta chandrashekhar reddy Ward member 9949505655
Sarvail kathula renuka Ward member 8096445631
Sarvail kusukuntla nirmala Ward member 9989061102
Sarvail pagilla ravindar Ward member 9948403085
Sarvail vardam nagarjuna Ward member 9705377924
Sarvail varikuppala renuka Ward member 9989589601
Sarvail vellanki pentamma Ward member 9848977239
Sarvail yellanki chandraiah Ward member 9848967815
Vailapalle Bachanaboina Dvendar Sarpanch 9848677916
Vailapalle Ambothu Keshya Upa-Sarpanch 9666302449
Vailapalle Darshanam Sayamma Ward member 9542030689
Vailapalle Karantothu Jayamma Ward member 9603724702
Vailapalle Kola Pullaiah Ward member 9553126640
Vailapalle Sapavath Chandi Ward member 9505105984
Vailapalle sapavath Pandu Ward member 9010871931
Vailapalle Udavath Bitchya Ward member 9603419755
Vailapalle Udavath Sumalatha Ward member 9948578853
Vailapalle Vadthe Shobha Ward member 9848378285
Vailapalle Vankudothu Jhansiram Ward member 9848249302
Vailapalle Vavilla Renuka Ward member 9705973550
Vailapalle Vavilla Yadaiah Ward member 9505602307
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