Mallial Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

Mallial Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Balwanthapur thodeti babu Sarpanch 9573040351
Balwanthapur alupala ellavva Ward member 9550980092
Balwanthapur dhommati laxmi Ward member 9966541293
Balwanthapur Dhommati Narayana Ward member 9441057099
Balwanthapur kote mamatha Ward member 9490548369
Balwanthapur kote narayana Ward member 9618297900
Balwanthapur nakka shankar Ward member 9542270838
Balwanthapur rajmahammad Ward member 9441313697
Balwanthapur sangani ravi Ward member 7799127671
Balwanthapur theddu jamuna Ward member 9177852891
Balwanthapur tydala aruna Ward member 8978370407
Gollapalle M Komuraiah Sarpanch 8897671070
Gollapalle Bongani Laxmi Ward member 9440170732
Gollapalle Dayyala Gangu Ward member 9951868020
Gollapalle Gaddam Nagaraju Ward member 9441971326
Gollapalle Gaddam Vijaya Ward member 9989586242
Gollapalle Lamba Mallesham Ward member 8106451726
Gollapalle Manda Rayamallamma Ward member 9573142950
Gollapalle Pallikonda Jamuna Ward member 9705609167
Gollapalle Pallikonda Rajanarsaiah Ward member 9705688178
Lambadipally Anugandula Poshavva Sarpanch 9177023441
Lambadipally Gudise Laxmi Ward member 8790587214
Lambadipally Gurram Venkanna Ward member 9000427838
Lambadipally Lenkala Rajitha Ward member 9505963309
Lambadipally Mamidi Chinna Gangaiah Ward member 9441976551
Lambadipally Mamidi Mallavva Ward member 9441701383
Lambadipally Mudarapu Sathavva Ward member 9440171517
Lambadipally Mupparapu Anjavva Ward member 8978508184
Lambadipally Mutyala Narsimhareddy Ward member 9440050877
Lambadipally Pathri kotesh Ward member 9949717113
Lambadipally Ubidi Anjaneyulu Ward member 9441773864
Maddutla Banda Saraswathi Sarpanch 8978640384
Maddutla Ch Bhumaiah Ward member 9440288803
Maddutla Ch Latha Ward member 8978640384
Maddutla KChandrasekhar Ward member 9490533372
Maddutla M Mallesham Ward member 9505030226
Maddutla M Ravindhar Ward member 8125209612
Maddutla M Venkatesh Ward member 9550554228
Maddutla P Latha Ward member 9440945405
Maddutla P Padma Ward member 9573853301
Maddutla T Sattamma Ward member 8978640384
Maddutla Vengala Babai Ward member 9490289518
Mallial Nella Aruna Sarpanch 8790272753
Mallial Bavu Gangadhar Ward member 9441633665
Mallial Bobbili Mallamma Ward member 9440021055
Mallial Bodakunta Deva Ward member 9441722857
Mallial Bollarapu Pochamallu Ward member 9618993950
Mallial Gajula Ramulu Ward member 9441175016
Mallial Gandla Jyothi Ward member 7386195550
Mallial Janagam Vijaya Ward member 9440555929
Mallial Kalikanti Swami Ward member 9441512088
Mallial Kusuma Sandhya Ward member 9393108531
Mallial Malyala Devaiah Ward member 9441196971
Mallial Malyala Vijaya Laxmi Ward member 9441731814
Mallial Manda Thirupathi Goud Ward member 9441175001
Mallial Mudam Venu Ward member 8143199937
Mallial Nakka Sathaiah Ward member 9441758778
Mallial Pochampelli Raja mallaiah Ward member 7842775558
Mallial Sanklurthi Laxmi Ward member 9441255779
Manala Marati Gangareddy Sarpanch 9666332327
Manala Appala Gangavva Ward member 9000365120
Manala Budarapu Gangamallu Ward member 9550222431
Manala Budarapu Jalandhar Ward member 9550333017
Manala Donakonda Gangaiah Ward member 9177302215
Manala Edepelly Srinivas Ward member 9177603080
Manala Merugu Vasantha Ward member 9550055163
Manala Mogulogi Pramila Ward member 8106948082
Manala Ponnam Vimala Ward member 9666332327
Manala Pothu Lakshminarsaiah Ward member 9666332327
Manala Tarala Devamma Ward member 7702396277
Muthyampeta Sama Baskar Reddy Sarpanch 9390744400
Muthyampeta Eleti Rajareddy Ward member 9441858727
Muthyampeta Malve Prabhakar Ward member 7207522114
Muthyampeta Marri Thirupati Ward member 9492788673
Muthyampeta Medaboina Padma Ward member 9491324361
Muthyampeta M Narsaiah Ward member 8977652902
Muthyampeta M Sumalatha Ward member 9490863598
Muthyampeta Nerella Lingareddy Ward member 9440555927
Muthyampeta Paidipelly Pushpalatha Ward member 9441047913
Muthyampeta Ponaganti Padma Ward member 9346806527
Muthyampeta Sirisilla Laxmi Ward member 8179662593
Muthyampeta Taduka Laxmi Ward member 8500157510
Muthyampeta Vollala Mahesh Ward member 8121806162
Myadampally Muduganti Sandhya Rani Sarpanch 9441676765
Myadampally Anupuram Radha Ward member 9676238296
Myadampally Chikatla Gouthami Ward member 9502593545
Myadampally Chithapandu Geetha Ward member 8500584300
Myadampally Janupa Ganhaiah Ward member 9490841479
Myadampally Kokkera Mahipal Ward member 9640264829
Myadampally Kothuri Anandh Ward member 8790244213
Myadampally Nimma Gangadhar Ward member 9441829249
Myadampally Sathenaveni Sumathi Ward member 9492986156
Myadampally Tharala Mamatha Ward member 9490074129
Myadampally Ukanti Anna REddy Ward member 9505263671
Nookapally Volapu Gangadhar Sarpanch 9440128927
Nookapally Binaveni Ramesh Ward member 8885314128
Nookapally Chelimalla Ramulu Ward member 7416028481
Nookapally Chelumalla Laxmi Ward member 9849831066
Nookapally Kanakatla Laxmi Ward member 8978974814
Nookapally Kannukutla Rajavva Ward member 9491366427
Nookapally Kanukutla Raju Ward member 9989787673
Nookapally Maramleppi Jala Ward member 8008588758
Nookapally Marri Laxman Ward member 9441641621
Nookapally Samalla Prabhakar Ward member 9490528905
Nookapally Volapu Laxminarsu Ward member 9440128927
Obulapur Guggilla Laxmi Sarpanch 9666513444
Obulapur Adlagatta Laxmi Ward member 9666513444
Obulapur Alluri Mohan Reddy Ward member 9705198798
Obulapur Aparla Jyothi Ward member 9676258056
Obulapur Bandi Laxmi Ward member 9666513444
Obulapur Bandi Ramu Ward member 9492986128
Obulapur Busi Gangadhar Ward member 9908001453
Obulapur Katipelli Thirupathi Reddy(Expire) Ward member 9666513444
Obulapur Minugu Laxmi Ward member 9676258056
Obulapur Mohammad Lalbee Ward member 9666513444
Obulapur Myadari Venkamma Ward member 9646483798
Potharam k.vimala Sarpanch 9912799240
Potharam a.padma Ward member 9951904575
Potharam A.thirupathi goud Ward member 9573320767
Potharam b.agithkumar Ward member 9010303444
Potharam b.gangavva Ward member 9949469483
Potharam Ch Narsaiah Ward member 7732095076
Potharam k.muthaiah Ward member 9550904863
Potharam k.suguna Ward member 9908809534
Potharam l.bujjamma Ward member 9701800174
Potharam p.brahmmaiah Ward member 9848169346
Potharam p.ramma Ward member 9441316981
Rajaram P Lakshman Sarpanch 9849294795
Rajaram B Bhudavva Ward member 8686866731
Rajaram B Narayana Ward member 9440561481
Rajaram B Rajeshwari Ward member 9908057390
Rajaram G Ajaykumar Ward member 9550627758
Rajaram G Doddaiah Ward member 9908740960
Rajaram G Tirupathi Ward member 9440056748
Rajaram M Anasurya Ward member 9948133208
Rajaram N Gopi Ward member 9949592306
Rajaram P Devalaxmi Ward member 9963373659
Rajaram S Bhuchiraju Ward member 9490579709
Ramannapet Vakulabaranam Aruna Sarpanch 9849185041
Ramannapet Ailapuram Tirupathi Ward member 9440530117
Ramannapet Gaddam Rajesham Ward member 9908057233
Ramannapet Kaithi Padmavathi Ward member 7702861438
Ramannapet Kothakonda Lavanya Ward member 9963990065
Ramannapet Kumboji Sunandha Ward member 9346057684
Ramannapet kyatham Mallesham Ward member 8885255930
Ramannapet N Gangaraju Ward member 9849185041
Ramannapet Pannati Kamala Ward member 9989729920
Ramannapet Tumanapally Ashok Ward member 9440700501
Ramannapet Vemulavada Pushpa Ward member 9849185041
Rampur Kamtam Gangarajam Sarpanch 9949721266
Rampur Akkanapelly Ravi Ward member 9177258075
Rampur Alugunuri Lakshminarsaiah Ward member 9948020890
Rampur Badugu Lingamma Ward member 8897226094
Rampur Bonkuri Rajitha Ward member 9440129641
Rampur Buthukuri Latha Ward member 9949583541
Rampur Kasireddy Jithendhar Reddy Ward member 9849693064
Rampur Marripelly Bhumaiah Ward member 9948396566
Rampur Pallapu Laxmi Ward member 8790338052
Rampur Srigade Vikram Ward member 9000961516
Rampur Thummanapelly Jaya Ward member 9440231375
Sarvapur Jangily Padma Sarpanch 9393108589
Sarvapur Akula Rajamma Ward member 9393108589
Sarvapur Boddula Vagramma Ward member 9440984014
Sarvapur Dasari Lalitha Ward member 8106195795
Sarvapur Gurram Tirupathi Goud Ward member 9701702088
Sarvapur Kothuri Pushpa Ward member 9502335549
Sarvapur Kothuri Sandeep Ward member 9959405017
Sarvapur Mallyala Ramesh Ward member 9393108589
Sarvapur Thudi Tirupathi Ward member 9000314732
Thakkallapally Kandula Suguna Sarpanch 9441833638
Thakkallapally A.Swami Ward member 9989080662
Thakkallapally Bandari Reshma Ward member 9441833638
Thakkallapally Bandari Sarojana Ward member 9440055274
Thakkallapally Bandari Srinivas Ward member 9892210365
Thakkallapally Chinthalakota Thirumal Ward member 9177046465
Thakkallapally Chityala Laxminarsamma Ward member 9704504728
Thakkallapally Koyila Sravanthi Ward member 8897228859
Thakkallapally Muduganti Anjunreddy Ward member 9441315733
Thakkallapally Odela latha Ward member 9989080660
Thakkallapally Voddapelli Bhoomaiah Ward member 8106453761
Thatipalle Enugandula Rajani Sarpanch 8897798630
Thatipalle Gangadhara Jamuna Ward member 9666089808
Thatipalle Kampelly Latha Ward member 8897798630
Thatipalle Nakka Rajaiah Ward member 9640834520
Thatipalle Nalla Laxminaraya Ward member 9505180393
Thatipalle Oruganti Gangadhar Reddy Ward member 8008669294
Thatipalle Oruganti Madavi Ward member 7893328220
Thatipalle Oruganti Rajendhar Reddy Ward member 7893328220
Thatipalle paripelly Rajamallaiah Ward member 9640292904
Thatipalle Ponnam Jamuna Ward member 9640288963
Thatipalle Racharlla Rajamma Ward member 8897798630
Thatipalle Singanaveni Latha Ward member 8897798630
Thatipalle Singaveni Mallesham Ward member 9640292902
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