Bejjur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State

Bejjur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Lodpalle T.Srinivas Sarpanch 9963735511
Lodpalle A. suguna Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle d.Mangamma Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle g.laxmi Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle K.Bhumaiah Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle m shavanthi Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle m.suresh Ward member 9959026388
Lodpalle s.venkati Ward member 9963735511
Lodpalle T.Lachanna Ward member 8106048209
Marthadi ummari posakka Sarpanch 8106848107
Marthadi alluri nohan Upa-Sarpanch 8465953087
Marthadi bhusha shanakar Ward member 8897455790
Marthadi borkut mallaiah Ward member 8465953087
Marthadi dupam parvathi Ward member 8374129671
Marthadi Durgam Durgaiah Ward member 8465099220
Marthadi hotkar sunitha Ward member 8465953087
Marthadi korthe sattakka Ward member 8465099220
Marthadi Mudsu Padma Ward member 8465099220
Marthadi s.Bapuji Ward member 8465953087
Marthadi S.Gopal Ward member 8465099220
Marthadi s.Pushpala Ward member 8374619234
Mogaelly Kodapa Laxmi Sarpanch 9912489167
Mogaelly Alam Anil Upa-Sarpanch 9010112879
Mogaelly Alam Babaji Ward member 9912489167
Mogaelly Alam Mallaiah Ward member 9010684947
Mogaelly Enka Sombai Ward member 9704583979
Mogaelly Kodapa Dasuru Ward member 8463920387
Mogaelly Pagadapally Ankubai Ward member 9492739516
Mogaelly Porthati Suguna Ward member 9010684947
Mogaelly Talandi Laxmi Ward member 9704583979
Munjampalle Guda rakeshwar Sarpanch 9492365700
Munjampalle Gajam ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9440278912
Munjampalle Borkut Ravi Ward member 9959805121
Munjampalle Dabba laxmi Ward member 9441868397
Munjampalle Dubbula geetha Ward member 9666137393
Munjampalle Guda baskar Ward member 9490139303
Munjampalle gurle mallu bai Ward member 9676742646
Munjampalle Pale chandraakala Ward member 9197673769
Munjampalle Pale santhosh Ward member 9492540142
Munjampalle porsetti muttaiah Ward member 9440278912
Munjampalle renukuntla santhosh Ward member 9963168393
Munjampalle sidam Rajeswary Ward member 9440278912
Munjampalle thotapalli laxmi Ward member 9440278912
Muraliguda Kondagorla Ankulu Sarpanch 9666942921
Muraliguda D Padma Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda K.Badru Bai Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda K.Bapu Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda M.Madunaiah Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda P Shankaramma Ward member 7661805415
Muraliguda P Susheela Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda P. Venkatesh Ward member 9666942921
Muraliguda Sidam Marubai Ward member 9666942921
Ootsarangipalle kodapa Vishweshwar rao Sarpanch 9441844246
Ootsarangipalle Gattu suresh goud Upa-Sarpanch 7893667649
Ootsarangipalle Atram Hemaji Ward member 9441844246
Ootsarangipalle enka sumalatha Ward member 9441844246
Ootsarangipalle gedam Shankar Ward member 9963074107
Ootsarangipalle kodapa srinivas Ward member 8974748724
Ootsarangipalle komuram bhudu bai Ward member 9490613988
Ootsarangipalle koretha nirmala Ward member 9701721199
Ootsarangipalle Kortha jogu bai Ward member 8096870714
Ootsarangipalle Ramtenki gangubai Ward member 9959682263
Ootsarangipalle seggam ankulu Ward member 8498879962
Ootsarangipalle sidam pakire Ward member 9912495763
Ootsarangipalle sidam swapna Ward member 9441844246
Papanpet Kondagorla Kamala Sarpanch 9951196541
Papanpet Bujadi Ankaiah Upa-Sarpanch 7893323218
Papanpet Dasari Vimala Ward member 9951196541
Papanpet Enka Madukar Ward member 9542004594
Papanpet Jadi Shantha Ward member 9492880180
Papanpet Mada Pantubai Ward member 9951196541
Papanpet Madi Durgaiah Ward member 9491114771
Papanpet Mesram Srinivas Ward member 9951196541
Papanpet RouthuBalesh Ward member 9492880180
Papanpet Thumadi Bhudavi Ward member 7893323218
Penchikalpet Routu suguna Sarpanch 9701770547
Penchikalpet Samala rajanna Upa-Sarpanch 9704157748
Penchikalpet Alam kamala Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet bemandla bujjakka Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet Chappide Shankar Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet durgam shanta bai Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet kambala istari Ward member 9701770547
Penchikalpet Rantenki madhukar Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet satipati anjakka Ward member 9704157748
Penchikalpet SK Raj mahammed Ward member 9966492452
Penchikalpet T.estari Ward member 9704157748
Pothepalle Elkari Rajeshwari Sarpanch 9948389063
Pothepalle Kortha Ponaji Upa-Sarpanch 8790445146
Pothepalle Aleshwaram Basker Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Athram Chandrakka Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Bandi thirupathi Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Borkut Ganapathi Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Dagam Dugabai Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Digadi Srinivas Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Durgam Rukumabai Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Naiani Sridave Ward member 9948389063
Pothepalle Nanaboina Mallaka Ward member 9948389063
Rebbena pulaboina Jyothi Sarpanch 9652372220
Rebbena T.ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9440240038
Rebbena chandarkari Mandira Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena Dagam papaiah Ward member 9676077814
Rebbena elkaturi Nagamma Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena elkaturi venkati Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena ippa kamala Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena jakkam sayakka Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena made Kanthabai Ward member 9440240038
Rebbena neelam thirupathi Ward member 7731886705
Rebbena pulaboina bhemesh Ward member 9603067686
Rudrapur Perugu Vandana Sarpanch 9505520827
Rudrapur Thallapalli Kalpna Upa-Sarpanch 7661009872
Rudrapur Badikela Eshwar Ward member 9676869536
Rudrapur Digide Bhumakka Ward member 9505520827
Rudrapur Durgam Dasturi Bayi Ward member 9505486940
Rudrapur Ghrle Mallesh Ward member 9542594828
Rudrapur Ippa Isatari Ward member 9440750581
Rudrapur Kavvala Maaya Ward member 9908021975
Rudrapur Kotrangi Sreedevi Ward member 8897449692
Rudrapur Morla Santhosh Ward member 8106550782
Rudrapur Nisturi Satyanarayana Ward member 8498822746
Somini G.Sukrubai Sarpanch 8465037131
Somini Arapelli Lahanu Ward member 9666943082
Somini Atram Bayakka Ward member 9666105500
Somini Atram Rajeshwar Ward member 9542299892
Somini Atram Shusheela Ward member 8465037131
Somini Boga Saritha Ward member 9666644613
Somini M.Kamala Ward member 9000908761
Somini S.Dharmaiah Ward member 8465037131
Somini S.Mangubai Ward member 9492738910
Somini Toram Lakshmi Ward member 8465037131
Somini Vagadi Gangubai Ward member 9490706722
Yelkapalle A.Parameswar Sarpanch 9959896945
Yelkapalle G.Nagesh Upa-Sarpanch 9949653078
Yelkapalle b Anku bai Ward member 9959896945
Yelkapalle doke Babaji Ward member 9959896945
Yelkapalle J.Ramesh Ward member 9849396038
Yelkapalle J savitha Ward member 9704581606
Yelkapalle Kasipaka tara Ward member 9959896945
Yelkapalle lonkari lalitha Ward member 9948047468
Yelkapalle MD Hafise Ward member 9701333920
Yelkapalle M.Yadav Ward member 9849659243
Yelkapalle Uppari sattakka Ward member 9959896945
Yellur K Rajeshwar Sarpanch 9866808414
Yellur M Nagubai Upa-Sarpanch 7702970649
Yellur Anjali Ward member 8497921475
Yellur Ch Bheemakka Ward member 9866808414
Yellur Ch Venkati Ward member 9691859614
Yellur D Narayana Ward member 9866808414
Yellur D Suguna Ward member 9505998515
Yellur P Srinivas Ward member 8497921475
Yellur S Bheemaiah Ward member 9866808414
Yellur S Ghyaneshwar Ward member 9866808414
Yellur S.Shanker Ward member 9866808414
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