Asifabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State

Asifabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Ada KUMRM BAGU BAI Sarpanch 9959322613
Ada ADE CHANDRU Upa-Sarpanch 9550128991
Ada ADE AMMA BAI Ward member 9963562834
Ada ADE TARA BAI Ward member 9701534341
Ada ATHRAM KANNIRAM(MANIKGUDA) Ward member 9959322613
Ada BHUTA ANKAVVA Ward member 9959322613
Ada DURGAM LAXMI Ward member 9959322613
Ada JAINENI LAXMI Ward member 9959322613
Ada KUMRAM SANTHOSH Ward member 8897574043
Ada MADAVI BHEEM BAI (MANIK GUDA) Ward member 9959322613
Ada NANCHARLA PRABHAKAR Ward member 9701534341
Ada RAISIDAM ACHYUTH RAO (MANIKGUDA) Ward member 9959322613
Ada SK ABDUL BIN SHAIK Ward member 9849892723
Ada Dasnapur Madavi Tirupati Sarpanch 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Korenge Limbarao Upa-Sarpanch 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Atram pochubai Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Dharavat Ravi Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Komaram ram bai Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Korenge Lingu Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Korenge Manka bai Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Sedam gangu Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Tekam Paggu bai Ward member 9492131780
Ada Dasnapur Telangarao Ward member 9492131780
Asifabad V GOVIND Upa-Sarpanch 9848232373
Asifabad A MOTHU BAI Ward member 9652707471
Asifabad A PUSHPA Ward member 9866874108
Asifabad C CHITTI BABU Ward member 9441277778
Asifabad CH RAJESHWARI Ward member 9652707471
Asifabad E VILAS Ward member 9010590145
Asifabad J ANNAPURNA Ward member 9642827671
Asifabad K GOPI Ward member 9963018707
Asifabad K RANGUBAI Ward member 9030885968
Asifabad K SRINIVAS Ward member 9676919277
Asifabad K SUNITHA Ward member 8179354511
Asifabad M MANGESHWARI Ward member 7569502569
Asifabad N MARUTHI Ward member 9866024425
Asifabad N SHANTA BAI Ward member 9908541415
Asifabad S ASHOK Ward member 9493658412
Asifabad S CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9848232373
Asifabad S CHINNAKKA Ward member 9963577407
Asifabad S GODUBAI Ward member 9440873700
Asifabad S SOMBAI Ward member 8374247778
Asifabad T UMA RANI Ward member 9640844037
Babapur JATOTH KAPOORI BAI Sarpanch 9963929722
Babapur POLKAR NAGAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9963929722
Babapur ATHRAM JYOTHI Ward member 9502349672
Babapur BADAWATH SANGEETHA Ward member 9010150746
Babapur CHUNARKAR DEEPAK Ward member 9866846073
Babapur DURGAM SHYMALA Ward member 8790013159
Babapur ELAVENI KISHTAIAH Ward member 9032368395
Babapur JATOTH SUKHLAL Ward member 9542855210
Babapur KUMRAM AMBA RAO Ward member 9441463837
Babapur KUMRAM NIRMALA Ward member 9963929722
Babapur MANKARI RADHA Ward member 7702802085
Babapur POLKA BHEEM RAO Ward member 9573902417
Babapur SAPTHE ANJAIAH Ward member 8106306844
Buruguda MEKARTHI KASHAIAH Sarpanch 9491464591
Buruguda SHAIK PENTU Upa-Sarpanch 9912708786
Buruguda BHEEMANKAR GODU BAI Ward member 9705676728
Buruguda BHEEMANPELLI PADMA Ward member 9866003459
Buruguda BOIRE PULLAIAH Ward member 9490861467
Buruguda BOMMENNA SHANKER Ward member 7702964121
Buruguda CHILLARI LAXMI Ward member 8978120510
Buruguda GANDHAM BHEEMESH Ward member 9010488626
Buruguda HUSSIAN BEE Ward member 9912708786
Buruguda PIPRE MAHESH Ward member 9603451991
Buruguda PUDARI PARVATHI Ward member 9491464591
Buruguda REKURE TARA BAI Ward member 9491464591
Buruguda SAPTE BALKISHAN Ward member 9705377809
Chirrakunta chikram ramshaw Sarpanch 9989215354
Chirrakunta bramaiah Upa-Sarpanch 7673977452
Chirrakunta a soluchana Ward member 9989215354
Chirrakunta athram jamuna bai Ward member 8096088581
Chirrakunta athram rathu bai Ward member 9989215354
Chirrakunta b kousalya Ward member 9550374729
Chirrakunta durgam pramila Ward member 8106537004
Chirrakunta g bheemesh Ward member 9866866963
Chirrakunta jadi rajeshwar Ward member 9010812763
Chirrakunta kota rajeshwari Ward member 9989215354
Chirrakunta kumram laxmi Ward member 9989215354
Chirrakunta sambaiah Ward member 7893868261
Chirrakunta s kodhu Ward member 8897513970
Edulawada Uppugandlaleela Sarpanch 9866920485
Edulawada Erubothu Nagaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8897570429
Edulawada Boyire Ravinder Ward member 9618561101
Edulawada Egurapu Kavitha Ward member 8179706477
Edulawada Gaddala Lavanya Ward member 9441884182
Edulawada Mamidi Naresh Ward member 9032189913
Edulawada Marishetti Laxmi Ward member 9703654840
Edulawada Nallagonda Chandrashekar Ward member 8464070583
Edulawada Nayakini Thirupathi Ward member 9912407712
Edulawada Nelli Laxmi Ward member 9951186020
Edulawada Sangide Kamala Ward member 9441628695
Gundi SENDE DATTU Sarpanch 9441373660
Gundi BOMMAKUNTI BHARATHI Upa-Sarpanch 7702394593
Gundi B.PRAVEEN Ward member 9553096929
Gundi D.ANJUBAI Ward member 9441373660
Gundi D.SANTHOSH Ward member 8790163709
Gundi G.SHOBA Ward member 9640844069
Gundi KAVALKAR SANTHOSH Ward member 8096150453
Gundi R.KAMALA Ward member 9441373660
Gundi R.MOHAN Ward member 9010481205
Gundi SENDE AMRUTHA Ward member 9866900131
Gundi S.MALLU Ward member 9441373660
Mowad athram lingu Sarpanch 9705231041
Mowad jadi pullaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8186928587
Mowad a bheem rao Ward member 9705231041
Mowad a gouru bai Ward member 9705231041
Mowad athram bagwathi bai Ward member 9705231041
Mowad j isru bai Ward member 9705231041
Mowad k jangu Ward member 9705231041
Mowad k manik rao Ward member 9705231041
Mowad p gagru Ward member 9705231041
Mowad purka sombai Ward member 9705231041
Mowad sidam bhojju bai Ward member 9705231041
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