ALLADURG Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Medak District in Telangana State All India Govt Jobs,Aadhar,Ration,Voter id,RTA,EC,Land Records,Results


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ALLADURG Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Medak District in Telangana State

ALLADURG Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Medak District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Alladurg Sangaari Rani Sarpanch 9704838046
Alladurg Basannagari Balakishan Upa-Sarpanch 9177956483
Alladurg AKULA RAMESH Ward member 9959524695
Alladurg BAGILI NAGISHETTY Ward member 9985829284
Alladurg DEVASOTH GANAPATHI Ward member 8330962903
Alladurg DEVASOTH MARONIBAI Ward member 9492355960
Alladurg GONDLA SAILU Ward member 9440091079
Alladurg KALAYI BAGAIAH Ward member 9963950207
Alladurg Karrella Swarupa Ward member 9441907804
Alladurg KORABOYINA SHIVAMMA Ward member 9440688895
Alladurg MUTTAI KESHAMMA Ward member 8466801752
Alladurg TAMMANAGARI NAVEENA Ward member 9704517622
Alladurg TULJA INDIRA Ward member 8897800286
Alladurg VADLA CHINNA EASHWARAMMA Ward member 9704517399
Alladurg VISLAWAT HAMSI BAI Ward member 9177247302
Appajipalle GANDALI POCHAMMA Sarpanch 9848007751
Appajipalle GANDALI SAILU Upa-Sarpanch 9963768742
Appajipalle ARIGE YADAMMA Ward member
Appajipalle BOLLARAM SWARUPA Ward member
Appajipalle BOLLARAM SWARUPA Ward member
Appajipalle DODLA SAILU Ward member
Appajipalle ERROLLA RUKKAMMA Ward member
Appajipalle KAMMARI SAVITHRAMMA Ward member
Appajipalle KESHABOINA PEDDA LAXMI Ward member
Appajipalle LAMBADI BALI Ward member
Appajipalle NAGARAM VENKAIAH Ward member
Appajipalle SHANKURI RAJU Ward member
Bhahirandibba Leki Ramesh Sarpanch 9949013565
Bhahirandibba Nadipolla Vinoda Upa-Sarpanch 9640169534
Bhahirandibba Chakali Anjaneyalu Ward member 9618757057
Bhahirandibba Gandla Swapna Ward member 9701558482
Bhahirandibba Kalali Pandari goud Ward member 9704534908
Bhahirandibba Koramoni Shantamma Ward member 8897260986
Bhahirandibba Md Imam bee Ward member 9618116331
Bhahirandibba Narsagari Nagishetty Ward member 9177393722
Bhahirandibba Nirjapla Nagamani Ward member 9701821288
Bhahirandibba Sukuri Baswaraj Ward member 9652269842
Bhahirandibba Talari Narsimlu Ward member 9701558482
Bijilipur bodolla lachamma Sarpanch 8978043914
Bijilipur annappagari jagapathirao Upa-Sarpanch 8106498739
Bijilipur Arugoda Anusuja Ward member 9676885686
Bijilipur Bodolla Mallamma Ward member 8790091232
Bijilipur Oggu Mogulaiah Ward member 8897943972
Bijilipur Patlola Sushila Ward member 8978043914
Bijilipur Sale Narsamma Ward member 9959916044
Bijilipur Verangari Nagaiah Ward member 9963521541
Bijilipur Yerolla Durgaiah Ward member 9704628825
Bijilipur Yerolla Narsamma Ward member 8978043914
Bijilipur Yeroola Chennaiah Ward member 8978043914
Chevella M DURGAIAH Sarpanch 9676343905
Chevella CH. VITTAL Upa-Sarpanch 9908904828
Chevella ANJAIAH Ward member 8106335558
Chevella B.pushpamma Ward member 0
Chevella B. VIJJAMMA Ward member
Chevella CHANDRA KALA Ward member
Chevella GOPAL Ward member 9666285116
Chevella RAMULU Ward member 9959835897
Chevella SHAMAMMA Ward member 8106233729
Chevella SHANKARAIAH Ward member
Chevella TULJAMMA Ward member
Chilever K LAXMI Sarpanch 9959801338
Chilever INAMDAR SAMYUDDIN Upa-Sarpanch 9652748528
Chilever B LAXMI Ward member 0
Chilever B SANGAMESHWAR Ward member 9948433438
Chilever B SANTHOSHA Ward member 9550390432
Chilever J AMRUTHAMMA Ward member 9948433438
Chilever J CHANDRAMMA Ward member 0
Chilever K PARAMMA Ward member 8008122717
Chilever K POCHAMMA Ward member 9949006957
Chilever P NAGIREDDY Ward member 9177981800
Chilever T. AMRUTHAIAH Ward member 9666641581
Gorrekal V.Veeranna Sarpanch 9951745376
Gorrekal M.Ramaiah Upa-Sarpanch 0
Gorrekal B.Gouramma Ward member 0
Gorrekal B.Mallesham Ward member 0
Gorrekal Khajamiya Ward member 0
Gorrekal .Maheshwari Ward member 0
Gorrekal M.Shankaraiah Ward member 0
Gorrekal T.Ramulu Ward member 0
Gorrekal T.Sujatha Ward member 0
Gorrekal T.Vijaya Ward member 0
Gorrekal V.Maheshwari Ward member 0
G. Peddapur Kaatam Surekha Sarpanch 9492007110
G. Peddapur Nareddi Durga Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 7702413703
G. Peddapur Bachu Satish Kumar Ward member 9866534871
G. Peddapur Dakuri Manemma Ward member 9701617652
G. Peddapur ErukalaSalamma Ward member 9177750709
G. Peddapur Ganga Sandeep Ward member 9866069097
G. Peddapur Jangili Yadaiah Ward member 9704966481
G. Peddapur Kadala Babaiah Ward member 9493462865
G. Peddapur Marelly Janabai Ward member 9963384005
G. Peddapur Mukkannagari Laxmi Ward member 9177385169
G. Peddapur Talari swarupa Ward member 9908238435
G. Peddapur Venkatraopet Chilukamma Ward member 9849304054
Kaidampally NEERUDI BALAIAH Sarpanch 9908584368
Kaidampally GADDAM SANGAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9951714534
Kaidampally BOINI SHANKARAIAH Ward member 9849574796
Kaidampally DONTARABOINA NARSIMLU Ward member 9989507012
Kaidampally KOTARI RUKMINI Ward member 9177802710
Kaidampally MUSIRI LAXMAIAH Ward member 9908584368
Kaidampally NARLA VENKATAMM Ward member 9908584368
Kaidampally VANKIDI RUKKAMMA Ward member 9908584368
Kaidampally VANKIDI SATYAMMA Ward member 9908584368
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