Adilabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State

Adilabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List 
Part II 
Adilabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Adilabad District in Telangana State

Adilabad District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Ankoli chakati Bharathbai Sarpanch 9676590833
Ankoli Bandari Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9550487820
Ankoli B.Laxmi Ward member 0
Ankoli Chityala Bagirtha Ward member 8374029762
Ankoli Itikyala Bumanna Ward member 9701481541
Ankoli Korangi Sunitha Ward member 9676950833
Ankoli Kumra Lalitha Ward member 8374766924
Ankoli Madavi Bujji bai Ward member 9676950833
Ankoli Osa Latha Ward member 9000098728
Ankoli Pudari Ravi Ward member 9989368884
Ankoli Racharla Vinod Ward member 8498888966
Ankoli Sekje Shankar Ward member 9492804657
Ankoli Sidam Gangubai Ward member 9676950833
Ankoli Tandra Jadalanna Ward member 9676950833
Anukunta MESRAM ANASUYA Sarpanch 9505200739
Anukunta RAVULA SOMANNA Upa-Sarpanch 9490561978
Anukunta ANDELA RAVINDER Ward member 9652861981
Anukunta BASA LINGAMMA Ward member 9441617078
Anukunta G. GANGAIAH Ward member 9866655746
Anukunta G. KAMALA BAI Ward member 9849717499
Anukunta GOLAVATHULA RAJU Ward member 8106549811
Anukunta K. KAMALA BAI Ward member 9989385975
Anukunta K. LAXMI DEVI Ward member 9948229681
Anukunta K. RAJAMMA Ward member 9573785690
Anukunta MANCHALA SANTOSH KUMAR Ward member 9866917844
Arli (B) S.Pochanna Sarpanch 9840354201
Arli (B) P.Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9177161919
Arli (B) A.Shirisha Ward member 7396331422
Arli (B) B.Eshwardas Ward member 9701912537
Arli (B) K.Gangamma Ward member 9704991798
Arli (B) M.Arunabai Ward member 9963620531
Arli (B) M.Gourubai Ward member 9949270364
Arli (B) P.Ramesh Ward member 9177161919
Arli (B) Sugunabai Ward member 8184944694
Arli (B) S.Vilas Ward member 9440590958
Battisawargaon RATHOD RAMARAO Sarpanch 9440235362
Battisawargaon EDULA SWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9959271811
Battisawargaon BHAGATH KALAVATHI Ward member 9059133836
Battisawargaon BHAGATH THIRUMALESH Ward member 9059133836
Battisawargaon DESHMUKH SHANKARRAO Ward member 7801048057
Battisawargaon E.Swamy Ward member 9959271811
Battisawargaon GAJANGULA RAMU Ward member 9848682352
Battisawargaon INDURI PADMA Ward member 7702641738
Battisawargaon KODIPAKA JAIPAL Ward member 9951602888
Battisawargaon KONDRANTU LAXMI Ward member 9603949471
Battisawargaon MARKAPU LASMUBAU Ward member 9440235362
Battisawargaon MESRAM LAXMI Ward member 8106640476
Battisawargaon METPALLY SAMATHA Ward member 9949684994
Battisawargaon RATHOD ANITHA Ward member 9440235362
Battisawargaon SUBHASH GOUR Ward member 9502451010
Battisawargaon TAKKADAPELLI PUSHPALA Ward member 9440235362
Bheemseri B.ASHOK Sarpanch 9666459094
Bheemseri T.HANMANDLU Upa-Sarpanch 9705997106
Bheemseri B.USHAMMA Ward member 9493314016
Bheemseri D.ASHA BAI Ward member 9666459094
Bheemseri G.LATHA Ward member 9866657254
Bheemseri H.ASHWINI Ward member 9640894849
Bheemseri P.LAXMAN Ward member 9666459094
Bheemseri P.SHIVAMMA Ward member 9666459094
Bheemseri S.PULLAIAH Ward member 9866750293
Bheemseri S.VIJAY Ward member 8498888981
Bheemseri Tota Hanmandlu Ward member 9705997106
Bheemseri T.RAMANNA Ward member 9441594564
Chanda Bojja Adellu Sarpanch 9908929254
Chanda Ugge Pochubai Upa-Sarpanch 7702776853
Chanda Bhagath Prabha Ward member 8645885817
Chanda Bojja Gangamma Ward member 9866642029
Chanda Boune Mahesh Ward member 9912497833
Chanda Chikkala Radha Ward member 7702600245
Chanda Gouru Santosh Ward member 8019895459
Chanda Mallepula Lalitha Ward member 8374903832
Chanda Pandhiri Ramesh Ward member 9550288908
Chanda Rooka Suresh Ward member 9866645329
Chanda Tapre Pochiram Ward member 8106096365
Chanda U.Pochubai Ward member 7702776853
Chinchughat M Keshav Rao Sarpanch 8985205906
Chinchughat K Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 9440589706
Chinchughat A Gangaram Ward member 9866307373
Chinchughat A Kavitha Ward member 9441842341
Chinchughat A Mutyalu Ward member 8096672011
Chinchughat A Purna Bai Ward member 8096672011
Chinchughat Kumra Sunitha Ward member 9440589706
Chinchughat M Laxmi Bai Ward member 9866307373
Chinchughat M Suresh Ward member 9440369285
Chinchughat N Linganna Ward member 8465008357
Chinchughat P Kailash Ward member 8978203665
Chinchughat U Jangu Bai Ward member 9603684977
Jamdapur Anmula Lingamma Sarpanch 9959271829
Jamdapur pasula Chanti Bai Upa-Sarpanch 9701441748
Jamdapur Anmula Chandra Kala Ward member 9959271829
Jamdapur Chilkuri Sathish Ward member 9959866480
Jamdapur Jakkula Dattu Ward member 9704062848
Jamdapur Jakkula Lasmu Bai Ward member 9959102977
Jamdapur Meesala Swamy Ward member 9390910879
Jamdapur Pasula Chantibai Ward member 9701441748
Jamdapur Rallabandi Laxmi Ward member 9502513200
Jamdapur Singidi Srinivas Ward member 9849881115
Kachkanti Badugu Radha Sarpanch 9848914759
Kachkanti J Vilas Upa-Sarpanch 9948626426
Kachkanti A.Ganganna Ward member 0
Kachkanti Ch Srinivas Ward member 9963165407
Kachkanti J.Vilas Ward member 9948626426
Kachkanti K Ganesh Ward member 0
Kachkanti K Laxmi Ward member 9948345942
Kachkanti K Laxmi Ward member 9441167800
Kachkanti K.Laxmi Ward member 0
Kachkanti S. Laxmi Ward member 0
Khanapoor M.Laxmi Bai Sarpanch 9618818767
Khanapoor J. Subhash Upa-Sarpanch 7661065644
Khanapoor Bairu Bai Ward member 8096672015
Khanapoor CH. Jai Shree Ward member 9959684126
Khanapoor Girija Bai Ward member 8096672015
Khanapoor Jadhav Subhash Ward member 7661065644
Khanapoor K. Yadav Ward member 8096672015
Khanapoor Laxmi Ward member 9866307373
Khanapoor M. Gangaram Ward member 7702231461
Khanapoor Parvathi Bai Ward member 9866307373
Khanapoor Rajesh Ward member 8096672014
Khanapoor R. Anam Bai Ward member 9490775217
Khanapoor R. Saraji Bai Ward member 9493532110
Khanapoor T. Manohar Ward member 9533008606
Khandala V Ganesh Sarpanch 8500748926
Khandala P Bhadhu Bai Upa-Sarpanch 8464811295
Khandala A Somu Ward member 9490480874
Khandala M Muthu Bai Ward member 8096672017
Khandala M Sheku Ward member 9490706135
Khandala M Sulochana Ward member 9490706135
Khandala Pendur Bhadubai Ward member 8464811295
Khandala T Jangu Bai Ward member 9866307373
Khandala T Keshav Rao Ward member 9866307373
Khandala T Lachu Bai Ward member 9490706135
Khandala T Thulasi Ram Ward member 8096672017
Khandala W Dhalith Nandhan Ward member 9866307373
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