Saligouraram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Saligouraram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Madaram Kalan nomula.srujana Sarpanch 8464823392
Madaram Kalan rekala.ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9989750529
Madaram Kalan bandela mallika Ward member 9010165849
Madaram Kalan cheruku sathaiah Ward member 9704937227
Madaram Kalan gangadara narasaiah Ward member 9505933019
Madaram Kalan gangadara rajitha Ward member 9640835577
Madaram Kalan gudese.varalaxmi Ward member 9989647611
Madaram Kalan kmmala.nagalaxmi Ward member 9666719453
Madaram Kalan mamidi mangamma Ward member 8187824293
Madaram Kalan MD.Raphi Ward member 9553559164
Madaram Kalan nomula.ramesh Ward member 9705876479
Madaram Kalan rajula.ramalingamm Ward member 9640714372
Madaram Kalan teegala.yallamma Ward member 9951766348
Manimadde medi saraswathi Sarpanch 8187832329
Manimadde ankarla Yadamma Ward member 9908402523
Manimadde Bandela Nagesh Ward member 9959529878
Manimadde Donthuri Narsamma Ward member 8978820107
Manimadde Janagam Venkatamma Ward member 9963073404
Manimadde Maadu Alivelu Ward member 9949320565
Manimadde Maadu Raamulu Ward member 9666438882
Manimadde Puligilla Narsamma Ward member 0
Manimadde Vemula nagesh Ward member 9618751563
Nulagadda Kothapalle Mukkamula Subadra Sarpanch 9010355111
Nulagadda Kothapalle Sankati Saroja Upa-Sarpanch 9948970723
Nulagadda Kothapalle Bashaboina Jyothibasu Ward member 0
Nulagadda Kothapalle Bollepalli Dhanalaxmi Ward member 7660971476
Nulagadda Kothapalle Kuthaganti Shankaramm Ward member 0
Nulagadda Kothapalle Nimmala Sathaiah Ward member 0
Nulagadda Kothapalle Nunemunthala Lingamma Ward member 9963616964
Nulagadda Kothapalle Nunemunthala Narahari Ward member 9912759591
Nulagadda Kothapalle Ogoti Anjamma Ward member 0
Nulagadda Kothapalle Ogoti Mangamma Ward member 0
Nulagadda Kothapalle Ogoti Ramachandru Ward member 9866987713
Perka Kondaram M.Manjula Sarpanch 9032078889
Perka Kondaram G.Narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 7702883119
Perka Kondaram A.Laxmi Ward member 9502928856
Perka Kondaram B.Anjaneyulu Ward member 8096203529
Perka Kondaram B.Nagamma Ward member 9963716623
Perka Kondaram K.Karana Ward member 9505330325
Perka Kondaram K.Vijayalaxmi Ward member 9908892922
Perka Kondaram MD.Mazeed Ward member 8096975275
Perka Kondaram M.Krishnadev Yadav Ward member 9705416191
Perka Kondaram O.Jayaraju Ward member 9666359766
Perka Kondaram T.Aleesha Ward member 8096632434
Perka Kondaram Y.Anjamma Ward member 9948508796
Perka Kondaram Y.Sathyanarayan Goud Ward member 9441991347
Ramanujapuram Sama Chandra Reddy Sarpanch 9948326908
Ramanujapuram Madu Veeraiaha Upa-Sarpanch 9912795510
Ramanujapuram Chilkuri Sujatha Ward member 9963500297
Ramanujapuram Chilukuri Mahankalamma Ward member 8106221456
Ramanujapuram Erra Upender Reddy Ward member 9618669819
Ramanujapuram Jatangi Venkanna Ward member 9010021621
Ramanujapuram Kasani Padma Ward member 9652307633
Ramanujapuram Kondraci Bayyamma Ward member 8499969753
Ramanujapuram Kotta Padma Reddy Ward member 9618900628
Saligouraram GUNDALA VENKATAIAH Sarpanch 9553905230
Saligouraram JOGU SAIDAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9948385562
Saligouraram AITIPAMULA UMA Ward member 9705132835
Saligouraram BAKI LAXMIBHAI Ward member 9553905230
Saligouraram CHALASHETI PADHMA Ward member 9951234479
Saligouraram CHILUKURI NARSAIAH Ward member 9989991095
Saligouraram CHITTALURI JIDIKALLU Ward member 9959892996
Saligouraram CHITTALURI KALAMMA Ward member 9666915833
Saligouraram KANDI SAIDULU Ward member 9912953357
Saligouraram MAGI NIRMALA Ward member 9553905230
Saligouraram NIMMALA RAMULU Ward member 9553905230
Saligouraram SHEK JAMULBE Ward member 9908782456
Saligouraram VADAPALLI YASHODA Ward member 9951231621
Saligouraram VADLAKONDA SHANKARAMMA Ward member 9968759073
Saligouraram VANGURU VENKANNA Ward member 9704683595
Thakkellapahad Godala Narender Reddy Sarpanch 9848028722
Thakkellapahad Rondi Kalavathi Upa-Sarpanch 9912789783
Thakkellapahad Beemanaboina Venkanna Ward member 9705222971
Thakkellapahad Cheraku Shalini Ward member 9666915323
Thakkellapahad Gundagoni Narsimha Ward member 9848830156
Thakkellapahad Nimmangoti Anitha Ward member 8019257896
Thakkellapahad Puligilla Laxmaiah Ward member 9542576406
Thakkellapahad Vasukula Bayamma Ward member 9505207460
Thakkellapahad Veerlapati Sreenu Ward member 9949252784
Tudimidi Madagoni Anjaiah Sarpanch 9948673439
Tudimidi Maddi Mallamma Upa-Sarpanch 9848991790
Tudimidi Cheemala Lingaiah Ward member 9704692549
Tudimidi Jittaboina Parashuramulu Ward member 9912390301
Tudimidi Kambham Laxmi Ward member 9848324692
Tudimidi Kodimala Shankar Ward member 9949336870
Tudimidi Kothapally Swaroopa Ward member 8465822653
Tudimidi Kumbham Ramesh Ward member 9505846617
Tudimidi Yalmakanti Pushpa Ward member 8897268487
Uppalancha Bhupati Sugunamma Sarpanch 9573120315
Uppalancha Dorapalli Manemma Upa-Sarpanch 9666879868
Uppalancha Bandaru Bixamaiah Ward member 9705057982
Uppalancha Bhupati Sathaiah Ward member 9705057982
Uppalancha Edama Amrutha Ward member 9550141932
Uppalancha Madasu Saraswathi Ward member 9912451684
Uppalancha Mandula Narmada Ward member 9908536265
Uppalancha Merugu Yadagiri Ward member 8790724815
Uppalancha Pogula Ramesh Ward member 9652017938
Uutkur VEMULA SHAILAJA Sarpanch 9948973554
Uutkur KURRA MUTYALU Upa-Sarpanch 9849879511
Uutkur BUKKARAJU SAIDULU Ward member 9908186811
Uutkur GOGULA ASHOK Ward member 9505709670
Uutkur KAPPALA ANDALU Ward member 9963073235
Uutkur KAPPALA LINGAIAH Ward member 9010162733
Uutkur PERUMANDLA LAXMAMMA Ward member 9666104458
Uutkur RANGU RAMULU Ward member 9505067250
Uutkur RAVULA GANGAMMA Ward member 9951335380
Uutkur RAVULA LAXMAMMA Ward member 9912095191
Uutkur THURPATI PRAMILA Ward member 9951646092
Vallala B Mangamma Sarpanch 8978027174
Vallala J Badraiah Upa-Sarpanch 9912294318
Vallala A Pavithra Ward member 8096747616
Vallala B.Krishna Ward member 0
Vallala B Laxmi Ward member 9052021936
Vallala B Paramesh Ward member 9908335165
Vallala D Narsamma Ward member 9000712780
Vallala G.Jyothi Ward member 9440772587
Vallala K Venkanna Ward member 9553560101
Vallala M.Nagaraju Ward member 9503931240
Vallala m.Shankar Ward member 9542654922
Vallala N Lingamma Ward member 9866401575
Vallala Shivaparvathmma Ward member 9542039447
Vangamarthi SAKINALA VARALAXMI Sarpanch 8499058905
Vangamarthi SALIBANDLA SUDAKARREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 8374015460
Vangamarthi AILAPAKA YADHAMMA Ward member 7207776102
Vangamarthi BELLI ANJAMMA Ward member 9505065915
Vangamarthi BELLI YADHAMMA Ward member 9553637883
Vangamarthi BELLI YALLAMMA Ward member 9552585068
Vangamarthi CHILKURI JANAIAH Ward member 9959913200
Vangamarthi DEGALA VASANTHA Ward member 9959997606
Vangamarthi GADIPALLY RAJU Ward member 9640023152
Vangamarthi KORVI VIJYAKUMAR Ward member 9705649896
Vangamarthi ROPANI LAXMI Ward member 9705118216
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