Pochampalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Pochampalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Bheeman Palle Yata kailasam Sarpanch 9848548011
Bheeman Palle Anireddy Jagan Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9246545489
Bheeman Palle Burugu Srinu Ward member 9948181341
Bheeman Palle Chekka Venkatesham Ward member 9951539262
Bheeman Palle Erati Susheela Ward member 9912977361
Bheeman Palle Kante Kamalamma Ward member 9948716670
Bheeman Palle Kappala Anasuya Ward member 9603725155
Bheeman Palle Medamoni Srilatha Ward member 9848742492
Bheeman Palle Siliveru Narsimha Ward member 9848438193
Bheeman Palle Thimmagalla Ranemma Ward member 9912358344
Bheeman Palle Vaddemoni Venkatesham Ward member 9848912289
Danthur Battula Srishailam Sarpanch 9848239559
Danthur Kambalapalli Sathaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9848664984
Danthur Bodasu Bharathamma Ward member 9948976408
Danthur Bodasu Rangamma Ward member 9505622302
Danthur Bodasu Santhosha Ward member 9989951822
Danthur Doti Jayamma Ward member 9666149693
Danthur Gangadari Edaiah Ward member 9848952573
Danthur Langaru Raj Kumar Ward member 9640781382
Danthur Siddagoni Lingaswamy Ward member 9848567693
Deshmukhi Durgam Raju Sarpanch 9848309153
Deshmukhi Jakkula Lakshmamma Upa-Sarpanch 9848642063
Deshmukhi Bandhanatham Anitha Kumari Ward member 9505453217
Deshmukhi Durgam Alivelu Ward member 9951982743
Deshmukhi Durgam Jangaiah Ward member 9848277107
Deshmukhi Durgam Krishnaiah Ward member 9948222348
Deshmukhi Durgam Naresh Ward member 9848967928
Deshmukhi Erugu Anjali Ward member 9247888053
Deshmukhi Gouni Shobha Ward member 9346507052
Deshmukhi Mutyala Mahipal Reddy Ward member 9849091279
Deshmukhi Tothakuri Yadagiri Ward member 9848418089
Dothiguda Ballem. Mahesh Sarpanch 9912155394
Dothiguda Ravula. Sandhya Upa-Sarpanch 9603636355
Dothiguda Barra. Buchi Reddy Ward member 9701552089
Dothiguda Choppari. Sujatha Ward member 9542051966
Dothiguda Enugu. Sugunamma Ward member 9912155394
Dothiguda Gurram. Amarender Reddy Ward member 9642970444
Dothiguda Muddham. Kishtaiah Ward member 9010317599
Dothiguda Pagilla. yadhi Reddy Ward member 9912443688
Dothiguda Ravula. Ailamma Ward member 9912053272
Dothiguda Surkanti. Shobarani Ward member 9948331429
Dothiguda Vaspari. Mahesh Ward member 9010867555
Gouse Konda Ramavath. Lakshman Sarpanch 8497993616
Gouse Konda Marri. Narsimha Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9848964694
Gouse Konda Bheemagari. Manga Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Chekka. Narsimha Ward member 9985006031
Gouse Konda Dosapati. Shobha Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Dubbaka Paramesh Yadav Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Kandukuri. Vennela Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Kasula. Mallesh Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda kuthati. Poshamma Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Lakavath. Redya Ward member 8497993616
Gouse Konda Lingala. Narsamma Ward member 8497993616
Indriyala Bandi Krishna Sarpanch 9701357020
Indriyala Mogilipaka Pochaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9640361256
Indriyala Garise Venkatesh Ward member 9912993034
Indriyala Gugulothu Padma Ward member 9912256805
Indriyala Maila Srishailam Ward member 9848199589
Indriyala Mandala Venkataiah Ward member 9948966834
Indriyala Mogilipala Yettamma Ward member 9948433436
Indriyala Patnam Bharathamma Ward member 9640231685
Indriyala Shetty Ramulamma Ward member 9666588892
Indriyala Uduthala Vasudev Ward member 9603323079
Indriyala Yata lakshmi Ward member 9912359578
Jagatth Palle M.Usha Rani Sarpanch 9912221754
Jagatth Palle N.Malla Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9848894591
Jagatth Palle A.Machendar Ward member 9177391277
Jagatth Palle B.Latha Ward member 9705287078
Jagatth Palle B.Varamma Ward member 9949587040
Jagatth Palle G.Lakshmamma Ward member 8787062090
Jagatth Palle I.Mahesh Ward member 9247196805
Jagatth Palle N.Pavani Ward member 7731196210
Jagatth Palle P.Chandra shekhar Reddy Ward member 9502848999
Jalal Pur S.Biksham Sarpanch 9948976465
Jalal Pur P.Agaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9848970187
Jalal Pur B.Chandraiah Ward member 9848936674
Jalal Pur B.Sujatha Ward member 9848630817
Jalal Pur G.Susheela Ward member 8096158804
Jalal Pur K.Venkat Reddy Ward member 9848272222
Jalal Pur R.Srinu Ward member 9959714756
Jalal Pur S.Andalu Ward member 7416442963
Jalal Pur V.Sudha Ward member 9948771096
Jiblak Palle A.Venkatesham Sarpanch 9948457328
Jiblak Palle P.Yadaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9848796766
Jiblak Palle A.Padmamma Ward member 9848756831
Jiblak Palle A.Shivashankar Ward member 9603724934
Jiblak Palle Ch.Bharathamma Ward member 9912336582
Jiblak Palle C.Kavitha Ward member 9705801270
Jiblak Palle G.Sudhakar Reddy Ward member 9010761965
Jiblak Palle K.Anjaiah Ward member 7948953682
Jiblak Palle P.Chandraiah Ward member 9912191010
Jiblak Palle P.Salamma Ward member 9848829617
Jiblak Palle V.Suvarna Ward member 9912640687
Julur Godasu Vijayalakshmi Sarpanch 9848964811
Julur Pamkuntla Dayakar Upa-Sarpanch 9705480490
Julur Bolla Yadamma Ward member 9848964811
Julur Dindu Gowthami Ward member 9912370449
Julur Dindu Prabakhar Ward member 9948921627
Julur Kasula Balakrishna Ward member 9948031904
Julur Kommu Buchamma Ward member 9705063078
Julur Oruganti Sravan Kumar Ward member 9948897013
Julur Perumandla Hamsamma Ward member 9848964811
Julur Pullomoni Anjamma Ward member 9912432776
Julur Sandeni Bala Narsimha Ward member 9948053752
Julur Vakiti Prameela Ward member 9948052705
Julur Vattipalli Ramesh Ward member 9666798139
Kanumukla Paka Kavitha Sarpanch 9848977066
Kanumukla Reddy Nirmala Upa-Sarpanch 9848777077
Kanumukla Belli Ailamma Ward member 9848907347
Kanumukla Chukka Jangaiah Ward member 9912027816
Kanumukla Erra Laxmamma Ward member 9603870852
Kanumukla Gattu Bal Reddy Ward member 9912839527
Kanumukla Kalakonda Venkatamma Ward member 9542272350
Kanumukla Kota Bhupal Reddy Ward member 9603599929
Kanumukla Mekala Naresh Ward member 8897268697
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