How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

It is the duty of every legitimate citizen to choose and, moreover, it is a privilege to vote. Anyone who is the citizen of India and over 18 years of age is eligible and should vote in the electoral process. In India, soon after the election commission explained the data the electoral process begins. India is a democratic country every human being have right to express their opinions and views along with the choice of a leader for them through the process of voting. Thus, tuning as a cableway serves the voice of an individual.
How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

Here comes the role of the voter ID. A person must have a voter ID to cast a voice. Together with the valid ID proof, the voter ID is an important document issued by the government authority only. I elect the Election Commission. Goa is one of the most beautiful states of India and has 1 seat in Rajya Sabha and 2 seats in Lok Sabha. So it is implied to have a voter in Goa.

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

There are basically two modes for applying for Voter ID Card viz. - Offline and online mode. The steps of applying to Voter ID card are listed below under both modes.
How to apply for voter ID card in Goa with offline mode?

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

Offline mode is useful for those who are not too familiar or not comfortable with online mode of work and have no way to the Internet. You can simply follow the given procedures to get a Voter ID in Goa.

  •     Get the application form that you need under the number of application documents. Form-6, Form-7, Form-8, Form-8 A. (Form-6 is for name insertion in the selector roll after the publication of the draft roll)
  •     Specify the required KYC documents with Form-6.
  •     It is better to keep the details of the family members whose names have been previously inserted into the electoral roll.
  •     Visit the next Election Commission in Goa and submit all necessary documents as soon as they are checked after approval. BLOs e. The Booth Level Officers visit the residence mentioned on the Form-6. This is done to check whether the information is correct and correct or not.
  •     Recurrent drives are being prepared by the Electoral Commission of India (ECI) at Designated Photographic Locations (DPLs) to provide a voter ID for registered voters. Advertising in media channels such as TV and other print media are often used to advertise drives from ECI and these can be used by any person who would like to get Voter ID without difficulty to submit application forms separately.

How to apply for voters ID card in Goa with online mode

Goa Voter ID CARD

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State

For the online mode, the Chief Electoral Officer of Goa is entitled to facilitate the use of Voter ID cards. You can simply follow the given procedures to get a Voter ID in Goa with the online mode.

  1.     Visit the official website of Chief Executive Officer of Goa.
  2.     Please select Form-4 and fill it with all required fields to request the registration of the electorate card.
  3.     The user has to upload his photo in the next step.
  4.     Print out the form after you are filled and send it to the next election committee.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website of the CEO of the Goa Election Agency

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Goa State Click Here
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