Friday, 11 September 2015

MANOOR Mandal MPTC Mobile No's List Medak District in Telangana State

MANOOR Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Medak District in Telangana State
MANOOR G.Shivalila MPTC BC 9542707884
MANOOR G.Ramulu MPTC BC 9493462892
MANOOR G.Sanjeevulu MPTC BC 8008790280
MANOOR RukminiBai MPTC BC 9505234808
MANOOR K.Yadamma MPTC BC 9440499590
MANOOR Uthamrao MPTC BC 8374735159
MANOOR ch.Kashamma MPTC BC 9739732539
MANOOR P.Mamatha MPTC BC 9652792963
MANOOR Shanthappa MPTC BC 7893046619
MANOOR Rajashekarreddy MPTC OC 9603117524
MANOOR B.Ashamma MPTC SC 9010424995
MANOOR Sundaravva MPTC SC 9573080842
MANOOR Kashamma MPTC SC 8008095911
MANOOR B.Ravinder MPTC SC 7382519454
MANOOR Shankar MPTC ST 8374373334
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