Friday, 11 September 2015

KOWDIPALLI Mandal MPTC Mobile No's List Medak District in Telangana State

KOWDIPALLI Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Medak District in Telangana State
KOWDIPALLI B Laxmi MPTC BC 9491676186
KOWDIPALLI S Yogesh MPTC BC 9491892110
KOWDIPALLI T Suvarna MPTC BC 9640683620
KOWDIPALLI J Lalitha MPTC BC 9550040227
KOWDIPALLI S ShankarGoud MPTC BC 9963870831
KOWDIPALLI GaddamidiShakamma MPTC BC 9908993569
KOWDIPALLI N Lalitha MPTC BC 9492305116
KOWDIPALLI B Padma MPTC OC 8790903954
KOWDIPALLI J Thara MPTC SC 9908157829
KOWDIPALLI S Mogulaiah MPTC SC 9989227098
KOWDIPALLI G Shamala MPTC SC 9963719388
KOWDIPALLI Kola Kesli MPTC ST 9989941691
KOWDIPALLI G Thulasi MPTC ST 9701640055
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