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Bayyaram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Khammam District in Telangana State

Bayyaram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List
 Part II 
Khammam District in Telangana State 

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Ramachandrapuram Irpa Nageshwar rao Sarpanch 8978797820
Ramachandrapuram Guguloth Nehru Upa-Sarpanch 8978422211
Ramachandrapuram B HOLI Ward member
Ramachandrapuram B KOMA LATHA Ward member
Ramachandrapuram D BIKSHMAPATHI Ward member
Ramachandrapuram D DAMODHAR Ward member
Ramachandrapuram D MALLAMMA Ward member
Ramachandrapuram M SAMMAKKA Ward member
Ramachandrapuram V BUCHI RAMULU Ward member
Ramachandrapuram V LAKSHMI Ward member
Ramachandrapuram Y KALAMMA Ward member
Uppalapadu BANOTH RANGI LAL Sarpanch 9908028323
Uppalapadu VENUMADDULA SESHAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 8465868668
Uppalapadu ANABATHULA MALLIKAMBA Ward member
Uppalapadu AZMEERA MAALI Ward member 9000309236
Uppalapadu BANOTH KANTHI Ward member 9000309236
Uppalapadu BHUKYA PAPI Ward member 9000309236
Uppalapadu BHURUGADLA YELLAIAH Ward member 9676828914
Uppalapadu BODA BHAV SINGH Ward member 9000309236
Uppalapadu GUDIBOINA SUDHAKAR Ward member 9866850134
Uppalapadu GUGULOTHU RAJU Ward member
Uppalapadu KODI SUJATHA Ward member 9949664041
Venkatapuram Arem. Anasurya Sarpanch 8179145605
Venkatapuram Surnapaka. Swamy Upa-Sarpanch 9502819145
Venkatapuram Badhavath. Kamli Ward member 0
Venkatapuram Bhukya Sridevi Ward member 0
Venkatapuram Erpa. Sarawwathi Ward member 0
Venkatapuram Esam. Chandrakala Ward member 0
Venkatapuram Galigi. venkata Ramana Ward member 9550249618
Venkatapuram Guguloth. Asha Ward member 0
Venkatapuram Mokalla. Ravi Ward member 9052885584
Venkatapuram M. Pandu rangacharry Ward member 0
Venkatrampuram B.Srinivas Sarpanch 9849221826
Venkatrampuram J.Manjamma Upa-Sarpanch 9948434272
Venkatrampuram B.Balu Ward member 8790519354
Venkatrampuram B.Bhav Singh Ward member 9652142185
Venkatrampuram B.Mangamma Ward member 7675078416
Venkatrampuram D.Parvathi Ward member 9866883781
Venkatrampuram D.Tirumalesh Ward member 9701087686
Venkatrampuram E.Veeranna Ward member 9701907505
Venkatrampuram I.Jayalakshmi Ward member 9010823630
Venkatrampuram J.Naramma Ward member 8179152407
Venkatrampuram K.Chinna Venkanna Ward member 9010953617
Venkatrampuram S.Swapna Ward member 9177538251
Venkatrampuram T.Chandra Sekhar Ward member 9676823630
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